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November 21, 2017 / 10:30 am EST


Planet Dog
Planet DogDec 9, 2012
Sure to Inspire a Tail-Wagging Good Time

If you can't imagine life without your faithful canine companion, then Planet Dog is your kind of company. Created with the mission to provide healthy products, education to pet owners, and funding and support to dog-loving organizations, Planet Dog is all about helping you take care of your beloved companion, no matter what their size or color. Planet Dog's products are carefully developed and healthy for your pet and the environment, plus their Planet Dog Foundation has worked to raise funds through product donations and grants to non-profit organizations with a dog-friendly focus.

Planet Dog is a Portland, Maine-based company founded in 1997 that works to create non-toxic, and recyclable products for dogs, and also to promote socially and environmentally responsible operations. Their headquarters, distribution center (fondly referred to as "the doghouse"), flagship store, and foundation headquarters are all located in Portland. There, they have worked to benefit the local population of dogs and people who love them, as well as have an impact across the country through the work of the Planet Dog Foundation. The recognition Planet Dog has received includes the 2008 Maine Governor's Award for Business Excellence and the Outside Magazine 2008 Best Places to Work Award for their healthy, environmentally friendly work environment, plus Planet Dog has been featured on the Today Show, the Martha Stewart show, and in the Sierra Club magazine. All the accolades add up to a company that cares about the people, pets, and planet they serve.

So what will pampered pets and their owners find at Planet Dog? Plenty to keep any dog occupied, from award-winning toys to collars, leashes, gifts and even items for the humans attached to that leash. The backbone of Planet Dog's products is an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable compound, developed by Planet Dog together with a team of chemists, called Orbee-Tuff. Created to be durable and bouncy, of non-toxic ingredients, the toys made of this special compound are peppermint-scented and made here in the U.S. Planet Dog has a whole collection of eco-friendly dog toys, from balls to bones to chewy toys with a special treat spot, plus hemp collars, leashes and harnesses. Other products include dog treats, shampoos, special items for dogs-on-the-go, squeaky toys, and clothing and gifts for dogs' human companions.

Even though Planet Dog's main focus is on providing pets with fun and safe products, the company has another, equally important goal in the work they do through their Planet Dog Foundation. Started in 2006 as a way to give back, the foundation raises money to support canine service programs. Celebrating the dogs who spend their lives serving veterans, the handicapped, police, and the sick or injured is important to Planet Dog, and the foundation is aimed at making sure the programs and service animals that help fulfill those missions across the country are able to function thanks to grants and in-kind donations. To date, Planet Dog Foundation has given more than half a million dollars to organizations that help dogs help people in need.

Another important focus of the Planet Dog Foundation is helping shelters and rescue missions place animal in good homes. In working to educate people about puppy mills, the importance of spaying and neutering, and how to provide a good home for a pet, the Foundation hopes to benefit both people and pets. Planet Dog was even able to help promote Maine's specialty "Adopt" license plate in 2009, which helped the Animal Welfare program receive ten dollars for every plate sold.

When Planet Dog says they celebrate all things dog, they show it in every aspect of what they do as a company. From the products they create to the organizations they support, Planet Dog is working toward a world where every dog is happy and healthy by way of their motto: "Think globally. Act doggedly."


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