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January 19, 2018 / 4:03 am EST


West Paw Design
West Paw DesignMar 18, 2010
Pet Goodies

Whether you’re purchasing a comfortable bed for your furry friend to snuggle up in or a jacket to keep him warm during those late night walks, you want the best.  This means combining comfort and luxury with sustainability, organic ingredients and eco-friendly materials.  West Paw Design is making it easier to find products that are…well, the cat’s meow.

About the Company

West Paw Design is based in Bozeman, Montana, and consists of a close-knit group of individuals.  Though the company is not huge, they’re exactly what one would look for in a company to trust and appreciate.  Sensitive to the needs of pet owners, the employees of West Paw Design search for the best of the best in pet products – focusing not only on non-toxic ingredients but eco-friendly pet products and sustainable pet products.

The employees all take part in the success of the company, hosting and sponsoring local charity events, choosing products to add to the West Paw Design line and much more.  The company offers a variety of eco-friendly pet products, including:

* Dog and Cat Beds

* Pet Jackets

* Small Dog Sweaters

* Pet Toys

* And More!

One of the greatest things about West Paw Design products is that individuals can utilize the site tool to find a dealer near them, or they can simply order the products they want right from the website.  So, whether you’re one of those individuals who wants to hold a product before purchasing it, or you’d rather save time with a click and a credit card – you have options available to you.

Eco-Friendly Aspect

It’s easy to love a company that cares for pets, but it’s even easier to love that same company when they care so much for the environment.  West Paw Designs does, and it shows in the way they run their company.  For instance, they have a strong focus on waste management, and currently have their company waste down to 2.4%.  On top of that, their building was constructed using the latest eco-friendly methods, and the recent addition to their building reclaimed 30,000 pounds of concrete.

Their products feature re-used and recycled materials, as well as materials that can easily be recycled again once they’ve provided years of comfort to your pet.  They’re certified by Green America and Conscious Consumer Marketplace, and even their packaging is recycled – with a minimum of 30% post-consumer products.  The following quote, taken from their website, sums up their beliefs and morals regarding sustainability and eco-friendly awareness:

“As much as West Paw Design values pets, we also value sustainability. Our small, but mighty pack believes in making a positive impact, not only in our own house and yard, but in the pet industry and larger picture of our environment. Beyond minimizing our manufacturing and office waste, you'll find our products themselves incorporate eco-friendly materials. Organic, recycled, reclaimed, and even recyclable again... we are always striving to provide our customers the option to buy a darker shade of green.”

When you’re purchasing luxury products for your four-legged friends, consider West Paw Design – eco-friendly, sustainable and organic pet products that do not compromise the luxury you provide for your pet.

By Samantha Cummings


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