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November 21, 2017 / 10:30 am EST


KurgoMay 13, 2014
You and Your Dog Can Go Together

It’s a fact: there’s nothing a dog loves more than hearing the words “Do you want to go for a ride?” Anyone who owns a dog has been treated to the excited happy dance of their furry canine companion at the mere mention of these words. There’s just something about the open road that brings out the best in both pet and owner, whether it be a drive to the dog park or a cross country adventure. However, the safety and comfort of your pet is of utmost importance when you’re heading out to hike, play or drive. Kurgo knows this, and they’ve designed all the products you’ll need to travel with man’s best friend, for your peace of mind and the comfort and safety of your dog.

Kurgo was founded by dog-loving brothers Kitter and Gordie Spater, because Kitter needed a travel solution for his family as they took to the road with their large hound, Zelda. Taking a trip became unsafe due to Zelda’s tendency to try to hop in the front seat of the vehicle as it traveled. A designer by schooling, Kitter decided to come up with a solution to his problem: a backseat barrier that would still allow Zelda to travel safely with the family. From there, more products followed as the company found more solutions to the problems experienced by active dogs and their families. The Boston, MA area-based company designs, tests, and even hand-sews the prototypes of their products to ensure they are the sturdiest and highest-quality available.

 Kurgo takes great pride in creating products that are dependable, reliable, and useful, but their mission as a company is to go beyond that. They pride themselves in being an accessible and customer (and pet!) focused company. Kurgo knows their customers care about their pet companions as much as Kurgo’s employees care about their own, so first they make it easy and convenient to reach them. Customers who call are going to speak to one of the small team of Kurgo members, and anyone who comes by the company office will likely meet a dog or two, as several of the Kurgo team bring their companions to work with them.

Kurgo’s mission extends from taking great care of their customers and their pets to taking care of the planet with their eco-friendly policies, and to taking care of animals across the country with the Kurgo Foundation. The Kurgo Green Leaf Dog tag is an easy and simple way for the company to let Earth-minded customers know that their products are free from harmful materials, and are manufactured and processed in the greenest manner possible. The Kurgo Foundation is the company’s way of helping pets in need. The Foundation helps non-profit organizations dedicated to helping pets after a disaster by providing a central resource to identify organizations in need, raise funds, collect needed items, and provide information so the non-profits can help hurt or displaced animals after a hurricane, tornado, or other type of disaster.

Kurgo products are designed to help pets as they travel in vehicles, or accompany their people in the great outdoors. Kurgo products for pets and vehicles either help keep pets safe as they travel, such as the Kurgo harnesses, seat belt tethers, barriers and carriers; or help keep your car safe from pets as they travel in it, with protective seat covers, handy travel towels, and convenient dog kibble carriers. Once you reach your destination, Kurgo has you covered, too, with leashes and collars, bowls, beds and more.

Many Kurgo products have added safety features for the protection of your pet, such as collars and leashes with reflective materials so Fido can easily be seen, or the pet carrier that buckles securely into a vehicle’s seat belt.

It seems Kurgo has thought of everything when it comes to traveling safely with your pet. No more distractions as your dog moves around your vehicle, taking your focus off the road. No more worrying about reaching your destination without the proper gear – Kurgo’s got the solution for how your dog will eat, sleep, travel safely, and play happily no matter where you wander! With Kurgo’s reliable, useful and Eco-friendly pet travel items, going wherever life takes you with your loyal companion at your side is easy, simple, and safe.


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