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January 20, 2018 / 5:55 am EST


Luxury Equestrian Living
Luxury Equestrian LivingFeb 25, 2010
Eco-Friendly Horse Boarding Facilities

Whether you’re heading out of town or searching for year-round boarding, you want to feel confident that your horse is happy, healthy, and comfortable when you’re not around to care for him.  Not only do you want a boarding facility that makes the needs of your horse a priority, you want a place that cares about the environment as well. 

Eco-friendly horse boarding facilities are an emerging trend that combines the best care for your horse with environmentally conscious practices to create a luxurious, healthy experience for you and your animal.  Consider these state-of-the-art, yet eco-friendly equestrian centers for your horse boarding needs:

Joli Cheval

Located within the prestigious equestrian community of Cheval, Joli Cheval is the premier eco-friendly horse training and boarding facility in the Charlotte, NC area.  The expansive Tuscan-style boarding barn features 24 stalls that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Boarders can choose from an assortment of feeds, including special need diets, and may also opt for the full care package, which includes daily grooming and hoof picking.

Joli Cheval offers convenient manure disposal to community residents and then composts the waste to provide fertilizer for the sprawling green pastures.  Stalls are prepared with wood shaving pellets, making good use of local wood processing waste, and integrated automatic watering systems provide fresh water throughout the facilities while reducing overall water usage. 

Besides boarding services, Joli Cheval also provides riding instruction for groups and individuals, horse training by acclaimed trainer Nettie Saunders and center founder Sanford Crane, and a beautiful riding trail system.

Pony Tail Acres

Combining a passion for horses with a desire to live sustainably, Pony Tail Acres is the fulfillment of a Northern Georgia couple’s dream.  A LEED-certified mechanical engineer, Ashley Staples grew up caring for horses on her parents’ Georgia farm.  Along with her IT savvy husband David, the Staples have created an eco-friendly lifestyle that centers on horses.

After opening in late 2009, Pony Tail Acres is still expanding with the addition of 38 acres and an assortment of eco-friendly features.  Currently, the farm runs their transport vehicles and tractors on biodiesel and features a large organic garden.  Composting produces fertilizer for the garden and eliminates a large percentage of the farm’s waste.  A recycling program is in place and well water provides a chemical-free alternative to city water.  The horse farm also collects rainwater and grey water for irrigation needs and refrains from the use of chemicals for cleaning, fly control, and other everyday operations.

Pony Tail Acres encourages a natural horse environment, allowing animals to enjoy the expansive pastures as often as possible.  Boarders are blanketed when the weather requires and a run-in shelter is provided for pastured horses.  Stalls are available in 2 sizes with chemical and dust-free bedding for horse owners who prefer it.  All horses are inspected daily and the farm schedules vet and farrier visits as well. A premium hay and grain diet is fed twice a day, with special needs diets available.  The eco-friendly horse boarding facility is currently searching for local farmers to supply the horses with a completely organic feed option.

By Danielle Bullard 


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