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January 20, 2018 / 5:54 am EST


Eco and Pet-Friendly Hotel Spotlight
Eco and Pet-Friendly Hotel SpotlightFeb 10, 2010
Hotel Madera, Washington D.C.

Your fur-kids, four-legged companions, hair-babies – whatever you call them, they mean a lot to you.  That’s why the last thing you want to do when you need to travel is leave them in a kennel.  More and more hotel owners and managers are realizing this, and along with creating proactive solutions to environmental problems, they’re opening their arms to their guests’ pets. 

Hotel Madera is one such pet-friendly hotel.  Located in Washington D.C. near the fashionable Dupont Circle neighborhood, the hotel offers guilt-free luxury and accommodations for your little critters.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Hotel Madera employs more than 40 environmentally conscious methods, in order to do their part for the environment.  First and foremost, their staff uses environmentally conscious products and practices as they ready the rooms for guests and check guests in and out. 

All cleaning products are non-toxic and the hotel uses recycled paper – as well as providing recycling bins to both the hotel staff and guests.  Bathrooms are water-efficient to reduce waste and the hotel uses energy-efficient lighting.  They also offer complimentary valet parking for hybrid vehicles.  Simple things like these really add up in the long run and this is one eco-friendly hotel that’s really doing its part.

A Pet Friendly Hotel

When you’re visiting the D.C. area, you never have to leave your pets with family or in a kennel.  They can come along if you stay with Hotel Madera.  They’re welcomed by hotel staff with open arms and even treats!  Luxurious water and food bowls are provided and the hotel will even shop for pet supplies if you request it.  Hotel Madera understands that your pets are a very important part of your family – and when you stay with them, they strive to make your pets a welcome part of the Madera family as well.


Along with the other qualities that make Hotel Madera a desirable place to stay away from home, there are many luxuries that will truly make you feel pampered.  A complimentary hosted evening wine reception takes place in the beautiful lobby, and small meetings and soirees are made easier through the use of the mahogany room.  The Firefly restaurant has a menu of culinary treats ready to serve up at a moment’s notice.

Other luxuries Hotel Madera offers include:

  • A gorgeous and cozy living room for informal meetings.
  • In-room spa services.
  • On-site business center.
  • Room service.
  • Event catering services.
  • Exclusive rates for AAA members.
  • And much more!

A gorgeous pet-friendly hotel combined with eco-practices and the highest luxuries available…what more could you ask for?  Book your suite with Hotel Madera next time you’ll be traveling to the D.C. area!




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