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January 20, 2018 / 5:55 am EST


St. Louis’ Moonrise Hotel
St. Louis’ Moonrise HotelJan 11, 2014
Green and Fido-friendly

Have you ever felt nostalgic for a time when movie stars were revered for their grace and charisma, and the Earth and planets beyond were ripe for exploration? If so, you may find yourself star struck during your next trip to St. Louis, MO, home of the cosmically cool Moonrise Hotel, a green boutique hotel located along the famed Delmar Loop district where shopping, eating and entertainment come together to offer visitors and locals one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. Your stay at the Moonrise Hotel will have you relaxing in luxury and modern amenities, while enjoying the tributes to a yesteryear where the ladies were glamorous, the men were gallant, and the moon was closer than ever.

The Moonrise Hotel opened in 2009 as part of a plan to bring some new life to the already popular Delmar Loop area of St. Louis. The eight-story building would serve as many things: a unique destination hotel, a tribute to the era when space travel was new, an eco-friendly lodging option, and a friendly place to stay for both humans and their furry travel companions.

The distinctive hotel, featuring a throwback vertical lighted outdoor marquee topped by an eye-catching 3-D rotating (solar powered!) moon is a treat for both the eyes and the senses. Moon-themed décor is featured throughout, with the lobby boasting color-changing iridescent walls and a lighted staircase. In addition to the regular rooms, there are Jacuzzi King-sized rooms and ten Walk of Fame Suites featuring famous St. Louis Walk of Fame celebrities like Tennessee Williams and Betty Grable, and offering expanded living space including a dining and kitchen area. Not only does the hotel pride itself on its “cool” factor, but it also goes the extra mile to be both Earth and pet friendly. There are many eco-friendly policies in place to help the hotel and its guests have a small carbon footprint. Plus, dog and cat traveling companions are welcomed with open arms and a host of luxury pet amenities.

Travelers who like to find destination hotels that are both luxurious and green will not be disappointed by the Moonrise Hotel. For starters, the unique Rooftop Terrace Bar and Rooftop New Moon Room feature a sixty foot solar canopy consisting of 107 glass solar panels that provide power to the entire rooftop facility, the floor below, and sometimes the floor below that! The Moonrise offers overnight guests with electric vehicles and complimentary use of the hotel charging station. A comprehensive recycling program dealing with compost from the Eclipse Restaurant, a glass crusher for bottles, designated space for recycling cardboard, and donations of leftover soap and food made to organizations that recycle or distribute the items round out the hotel’s green policies.

In addition to green operation, the hotel also features the Eclipse Restaurant, serving locally-sourced, organic, and seasonal foods. The restaurant is known for its award-winning American cuisine and tasty mixed cocktails. Guests can dine at the Rooftop Terrace Bar for appetizers and drinks, order room service 24 hours a day, or enjoy a meal at the Eclipse’s dining room, which features a changing menu to accommodate seasonal food items, for a dining experience that’s both healthy and flavorful.

Does traveling without your furry family members leave you cold? The Moonrise Hotel has you covered. They offer pet friendly lodging for both dogs and cats, so you don’t have to deal with the expense and worry of kenneling your pet while you are away. Upon checking in, your pet companions will be treated to a collar tag, complimentary Moonrise bandana, pet beds and bowls for the room, and even a litter box for your kitty! Your pet may also enjoy receiving some of the Moonrise’s “galactic” pet treats, which are safe for both people and pets to nosh on. Because you’re staying on The Loop, you also have access to pet-friendly restaurants that let you eat on their patios with your pets, and retail shops featuring a green paw print to show that they are Fido-friendly!

Take a flight of fancy when you stay at St. Louis’ Moonrise Hotel. You’ll love the cosmic décor, from moon-themed art to display cases filled with memorabilia, jewelry and more! You can relax in the hotel in your luxuriously appointed room featuring Wi Fi, plasma TV’s, luxury bath amenities, and the supremely comfortable Serta Enrapture double pillow-top mattress. It’s all found within the luxuriously lunar (and green!) universe you and your pets will experience at St. Louis’ Moonrise Hotel!


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