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January 18, 2018 / 2:39 pm EST


Stanford Inn by the Sea
Stanford Inn by the SeaMar 22, 2015
Historic Farm and Eco-Resort

The Stanford Inn by the Sea, located on the Mendocino Coast of California, is a relaxing, eco-conscious resort. Established in 1980 by Joan and Jeff Stanford, it was created as a place where the healing energy of the land and sea could be offered to soothe and restore their guests, both human and animal.

There is plenty at the Stanford Inn by the Sea to inspire and excite its visitors. Opportunities to soak in the natural beauty of Northern California abound, whether on foot, by bicycle or floating in a kayak. The idea behind the Stanford Inn is that the stunning vistas and eco-friendly practices will provoke a connection in their guests with the earth, and motivate them to take better care of the planet.

There are many hotels and chains that claim to care about the planet, but few have the true spiritual connection with the earth that the Stanford’s strive to have with the Stanford Inn by the Sea. They believe in mindfulness, not just going through the motions or crunching recycling numbers. The way they run the Stanford Inn speaks to their commitment.

First, they maintain the Mendocino Land Trust access to the bluffs that overlook the stunning Mendocino bay, as well as providing kayaks, traditional canoes and locally designed and constructed authentic redwood canoes, to make sure that exploration of the area’s natural landscapes can be done with as little impact as possible. They developed programs for energy conservation as far back as 1980, in its founding years, reducing the energy needed for heating, lighting and laundry.

They use only green cleaning supplies to keep the Inn spic and span, and use no herbicides or pesticides on the property. They also use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel made local in the community. Of course, like many hotels, they have a recycling program. The difference is, as the Stanford’s put it, they do it from a desire to “live mindfully so that all may live well.”

In 1985, the entire 10 acres of the Stanford Inn were completely redone, making it over into an organic garden oasis. This garden is able to provide 25% of the organic produce and fruit used in the vegan “The Ravens” restaurant (one of the finest, most acclaimed vegan restaurants in North America) as well the “Mornings at the Stanford Inn by the Sea.” 

The Stanford Inn shows their commitment to a better world by offering classes (available to the community and visitors) that teach sustainable organic gardening practices, as well as cooking and composting classes. Local schools can borrow canoes and kayaks so that they can explore the nearby Big River with minimal impact on the safety of the environment.

They also provide maps for guests and locals for the best ways to explore the Big River and its tributaries with minimal disturbance. In 2013, they installed an EV (electric vehicle) charging station, making it easier for guests who drive EVs to make the trip to and from the Stanford Inn at the Sea.

For relaxation, experience an in-depth, healing massage provided by Massage in the Forest, just one of the many opportunities at the Stanford Inn to meditate and reconnect. Guests at the Stanford Inn by the Sea are treated like family.

One of the ways they treat their guests like family is by allowing guests to bring along their furry friends. Over the years, the Stanford Inn has had dogs, cats, parrots, iguanas, pot belly pigs and even a tortoise. For a small charge, you can bring your entire family, animal family members included. They even provide a dog treat that is gentle on your traveling pet’s digestion, as well as sheets to protect the furniture while allowing your pet to feel comfortable during your stay.

If you have more than just a relaxing vacation on your mind, the Stanford Inn by the Sea also hosts meetings, retreats, and even weddings. There are also various packages you can purchase to add to the quality of your stay, such as the “Vegan Cooking” package that gives you access to vegan cooking classes, organic gardening classes and all meals during your stay.

If you are looking for a time to reconnect with nature, decrease your impact on the earth and learn about ways you can carry that eco-conscious mindset home with you, make the trek to the Stanford Inn by the Sea. Canoe down the Big River, eat vegan food and restore your spirit before you journey home.


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