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January 20, 2018 / 6:02 am EST


The Oxford Hotel in Bend, Oregon
The Oxford Hotel in Bend, OregonJul 3, 2012
Sets New Eco-Standards for Luxury Boutique Hotels

Bend, Oregon may not be on your list of top vacation destinations...yet. However, once you hear about the wealth of experiences available to you in the historic downtown or in nearby outdoor adventure spots, you will see why this charming destination should be added to your list. While you are in Bend, you will need a lodging option that is as fun and unique as the area itself. Fortunately, there is the Oxford Hotel, the area’s only luxury boutique hotel, which was designed and built to be a sustainable, eco-friendly lodging space that puts the environment’s needs on par with the needs of each and every guest.

When you arrive at the Oxford Hotel, you may find that you have already fallen in love with the charming town of Bend, with its famous microbreweries, unique shops, and restaurants. Then there are the sweeping views of the snow-covered Cascades, and the natural beauty of nearby Deschutes River. Stepping in to the Oxford Hotel will further enhance your opinion of this place, as you take in the luxury chic décor and learn about the green amenities and practices that are integrated into every aspect of the hotel’s operations. From the use of sustainable building supplies in the hotel’s construction to the healthy environment to the organic local fare offered at 10below, the hotel’s restaurant, everything at the Oxford Hotel is designed to showcase the fact that luxury and eco-sensibility can go hand in hand.

General Manager of the Oxford Hotel, Dominic Donatoni stated, “Our guests say it best: ‘very nice room, the bed was super comfy....’ We have concentrated on ensuring that comfort is our first priority while maintaining our commitment to sustainability. Our beds are one of the most well-noted items of sustainability in our hotel, and this proves that sustainability does not have to lack comfort. Our beds are made with a Talalay latex and plant-based foam that provides comfort and support, and is topped with an aloe-enriched bamboo soft cover to which helps to send a gentle stream of nutrients to nourish your skin and provide an anti-bacterial health advantage.” In addition to this luxurious eco-bedding, the hotel offers standard room amenities with a twist. The organic necessities each guest requires are made locally and delivered to the hotel in refillable bottles, helping keep thousands of disposable plastic bottles out of the landfills. Other features include recycling in-room, energy efficient heating, cooling and mechanical systems, and hotel-wide water conservation practices.

Once you are settled in your room, you need look no further than the Oxford’s 10below Restaurant when you work up an appetite. Donatoni says, “10below has a strong focus on embracing the local farmers market to find the freshest of products for the week. Executive Chef Brad Wood can be found walking to the market with his trusty red radio-flyer wagon to bring all the items back to the property. The restaurant also focuses on composting so all food left over is provided to local farmers to put back into the environment.” The restaurant offers a selection of wines and the area’s famous microbrews to pair with your meal, plus you can choose to relax in your room and enjoy any menu item through room service.

Observant guests may notice something unique about the Oxford Hotel during their stay: no harsh chemical cleaners used to clean the hotel’s bedding or rooms. In fact, the Oxford Hotel has designed their own cleaning system using two salt water solutions that are effective, natural and completely harmless. “The cleaning products throughout the hotel are focused on using natural and environmentally safe items, such as our Ionized Water solution machine (Electrolyzer), and also our all-natural Parsley cleaner,” explains Donatoni. “All of our products are safe on the skin and not harmful to breathe.”

Thinking about traveling with your favorite furry travel companion? This is no problem at the Oxford Hotel. General Manager Donatoni explains the hotel’s view on pets: “We are one of the most pet friendly hotels in the area. We have developed a partnership with Ruff Wear for our Pet Package, as we include one of their dog bowls as an added gift to take home. We also make our own dog treats in house by our Pastry Chef, Jamie Cetola.  Our pet package also includes a pet bed to accommodate the size of the dog.” This is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to visit Bend with Fido in tow, since the annual historic 4th of July Pet Parade is held in the streets of downtown Bend. You can be sure your furry friend will want to join in the celebration!

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