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November 21, 2017 / 10:25 am EST


Blue Buffalo Pet Foods
Blue Buffalo Pet FoodsSep 2, 2012
Offer Balanced Nutrition for Healthier Dogs and Cats

Your pet is a member of your family. When it comes to feeding family, only the best will do, right? Unfortunately, it’s often hard to tell which pet food is the best for your pet, let alone what is actually in the food your pet is eating. This is why Blue Buffalo Company wants dog and cat owners to try their carefully formulated, completely natural pet foods for themselves. They even offer an online comparison tool to help you compare Blue Buffalo to the food your pet is eating right now to see the difference in quality ingredients and results.

For pet parents who consider their dogs and cats to be furry children, the story of how Blue Buffalo Company began is easily relatable. Founders Bill and Jackie Bishop were inspired to create a commercially available pet food made from healthy, nutritious ingredients after struggling to help their beloved Airedale, Blue, overcome a series of health issues. Bill and Jackie saw the impact that natural food made from whole ingredients, as compared to commercially available food containing artificial preservatives, fillers and animal by-products, had on Blue. They made the decision to commit to working with experts and veterinarians to create the best food possible in specific formulations for dogs, cats, different life stages, weight maintenance and other specific needs. The addition of specially created LifeSource Bits in their pet food formulas ensure that pets receive the highest level of vitamins and nutrients for a healthy immune system, balanced nutrition, and all necessary support for their specific age and needs.

What is in Blue Buffalo pet foods? Much of the same nutritious, healthy ingredients us humans need to feel and look our best! Blue Buffalo pet food contains real, natural ingredients as opposed to the fillers and by-products often found in other pet foods. For instance, Blue Buffalo contains essential protein from real deboned chicken rather than poultry by-products; healthy fats from vegetable oils for soft, shiny fur; and whole grains instead of ingredients which may cause allergies in many pets. Also, Blue Buffalo pet foods have something that no other pet food offers: the small, dark LifeSource Bits kibble pieces. These are a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants specially formulated for pets’ needs and cold-formed to remain at their highest potency. The other distinction between Blue Buffalo and other pet foods is what isn’t in there: Blue Buffalo contains no by-product meals, nothing artificial, and no allergy-inducing corn, wheat or soy.

In addition to offering a brand of pet food that is natural and healthy, Blue Buffalo also offers products specific to different pets’ needs. The Freedom and Wilderness lines of Blue Buffalo food are both grain-free, and the Basics pet food has a grain-free option as well. For pets that have food sensitivities, Blue Buffalo offers the Basics formula, with no corn, soy, wheat, dairy or eggs. Instead, pets are treated to a high content of real turkey or salmon. Many Blue Buffalo formulations include real vegetables and fruits to help pets receive the balanced nutrients their bodies need to run and play. Pet owners can also find healthy dog and cat treats, and even walnut-based cat litter.

Blue Buffalo as a company does not perform any invasive animal testing in order to create or manufacture their pet foods. The Blue Buffalo foods are fed to dogs and cats in test trials, but only in comfortable and safe conditions. Blue Buffalo is also created, developed, and manufactured in the United States with the cooperation of veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and manufacturing partners that are USDA-approved and inspected.

Our goal as pet owners is to help our pets live long and happy lives. One of the best ways to ensure this is to feed our dogs and cats the highest quality food available. Blue Buffalo Company has worked hard to make sure that their pet food products are in line with that standard. Feeding pets sub-par food with artificial or low-nutrient filler ingredients can only cause pets to suffer in the long run, either with food allergies or reduced life span due to lack of proper nutrition. Blue Buffalo Company doesn’t want any pet to suffer that way, and strives to offer the most nutrient-packed, natural food available. The result is a food that Blue Buffalo is proud to provide, pet owners are happy to feed to their pets, and pets are eager to eat!

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