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December 17, 2017 / 4:20 pm EST


Darwin's Natural Pet Products
Darwin's Natural Pet ProductsFeb 2, 2015
Nutritious Raw Food

Our pets are a part of our family. When it come to their nutrition, we have to be careful. There are shelves and shelves of pet food out there, but many of them lack the proper nutrition that our pets need.

Even the high end dry kibbles are processed with high heat, which negatively affects the nutritional content of the food. Necessary micronutrients are wiped out via the heat process, and harmful byproducts are created in the same process. Most manufacturers add some of these nutrients back in, however, these synthetic nutrients are less easily absorbed by your pet’s digestive system.

In addition to the processing of the kibbles, there are also harmful additives in many standard pet foods. Artificial food coloring, emulsifiers and the toxic preservatives BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. The reason for these preservatives, despite their dangerous nature, is so that the kibble has a 12 month shelf life. Many companies sacrifice the quality of their product in order to extend its shelf life.  Even canned food is also processed with high heat and pressure, deteriorating the natural nutrients of the food. Canned food has a similar texture to raw food, which is why most pets prefer it to dry food, though the nutritional value is inferior.

This is where Darwin’s Raw Pet Food comes in. Founder Gary Tashjian once owned a dog, named Max, who struggled with arthritis that wasn’t responding to the traditional treatments. After taking Max to a holistic veterinarian, it was suggested that he feed raw meat to Max. Within just a few days, Gary noticed a tremendous difference in Max, who went on to live until the ripe old dog age of 15.  The reason why the raw food helped Max is simple: the proper nutrients were given to Max in a food his body was designed to digest. Max was able to absorb the nutrients that were still rich in the unprocessed food, strengthening his immune system which in turn was able to keep the arthritis under control.  Feeding your pet a raw food diet can give them more energy (they are better able to metabolize the food that they eat) clear up skin and allergy problems, fight off chronic disease (such a Max’s arthritis), improve digestion and in the end have a longer, healthier life.

What makes Darwin’s Raw Pet Food so special? They are as committed as you are to your pet’s health. They use only human quality, USDA-approved meats and vegetables and do not permit steroids, hormones, or chemical preservatives to be used in their whole ingredients. Unlike many typical pet kibbles, Darwin’s Raw Pet Food has absolutely no grains, cereals, or fillers of any kind.

Darwin’s Raw Pet Food provides a healthy, complete raw meal for both cats and dogs. You’ll soon find that once you’ve switched your pet to a raw food diet, they will enjoy their meal more, have more energy, better digestion, and a healthier coat. The most important difference that you will see, is that your pet will be in a much better position to fight off disease. Cats specifically will have less problems with urine crystals.

There are three different lines of pet food available from Darwin’s. There is the Premium Line “Natural Selections” which has only organic, free-range ingredients. The Value line “Zoologics” is more affordable, and has conventionally grown meat and vegetables, though they are still human grade. There is also the “Intelligent Design” Veterinary line that is available by prescription via your veterinarian.  All of Darwin’s Raw Pet Food products are free of grains and fillers, and provide the complete and balance nutrition that your pet needs. These are things that processed pet food laden with preservatives and non-absorbable synthetic nutrients cannot provide.

The nutrients contained in Raw Pet Food is in a format that is compatible with your pet’s digestive system. The quality of Darwin’s Raw Pet Food cannot be beat by any regular brand of pet food, since it's all raw human grade ingredients, and it’s free of all the toxic preservatives and artificial colors and flavorings of conventional pet food.

If your pet has arthritis, allergies, or any of the other many diseases that processed pet food makes your pet vulnerable to, the switch to Darwin Raw Pet Food should be a no-brainer.  Try Darwin’s and see why it’s “the healthiest thing you can do for your pet”.


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