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December 17, 2017 / 4:21 pm EST


Dogswell and Catswell Products
Dogswell and Catswell Products Dec 5, 2011
Give Your Pets an Extra Health Boost

We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of functional nutrition for people, is it possible that functional nutrition would benefit our pets as well? If the happy humans and their furry companions that rely upon Dogswell pet products are any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. Dogswell is a healthy, natural pet food company that gives your pets an extra boost: the dry foods, canned foods and pet treats are all formulated to provide functional health benefits specifically for dogs and cats. In addition to providing your pets with safe, natural foods and treats that do not contain any of the fillers or stabilizers that many mass-market pet food products contain, Dogswell brand foods and treats can help your dog maintain healthy hips, your cat have a healthy skin and coat, or aid both dogs and cats in protecting their hearts!

Dogswell came into being in 2004, when Marco Giannini, current president and CEO, saw a need for functional pet food products after exploring options for starting his own company and recalling his childhood dog's struggle with hip dysplasia, a common ailment for large older dogs. He created his company with the idea that pet owners would respond well to pet food treats and products that were natural, safe and provided lasting health benefits. Pet owners did respond positively, and Dogswell has been adding new products and formulas ever since. In addition to the first product offering of jerky treats, Dogswell now carries dry and canned dog food, veggie-based products, a line formulated for cats and grain-free foods that don't contain fillers such as potato or tapioca that contribute to pet weight gain. In all, every product offered at Dogswell takes into careful consideration the needs of a happy, healthy pet and delivers products that go above and beyond.

While what is in Dogswell's food products (real free-range chicken, fruit, vegetables and important vitamins and minerals) is important, what is not in the products is just as important. Dogswell products leave out much of the unhealthy fillers and unnatural ingredients found in many popular pet foods. What won't you find in Dogswell products?

  • Corn, soy, wheat or by-products
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Hormones or processed gluten
  • Artificial colors or flavors

In other words, the only thing you'll find in Dogswell products are the ingredients that will allow your dog or cat to live a healthy, happy life with the reduced possibility of pain and sickness from common pet health problems.

Preserving pet health and preventing problems is a large part of what Dogswell products are designed to do, but the company is also focused on producing safe products for pets. Although the products are free from the stabilizers and additives that keep other pet foods on the shelf longer, Dogswell has practices in place to ensure that their food is safe during the cooking and manufacturing process, and also once the products enter your home. Many of Dogswell products are not “flash-cooked,” like some other pet food companies’ products, but instead are cooked slowly at the correct internal temperature to ensure that bacteria such as salmonella is not allowed to contaminate the food. The company also offers customers tips on how to best store Dogswell foods to ensure the longest product life and the best experience for their pets.

As many people become dissatisfied with the price and overall quality of popular pet food, it is becoming increasingly important to seek out safe, healthy alternatives for your furry family members. Dogswell offers pet owners all this plus the chance to prevent debilitating health problems down the road that cause pain for pets and worry for their owners. With Dogswell, it is possible to provide a food or treat you can feel good about and that your pet will look forward to eating, most likely for many years to come.

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