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December 17, 2017 / 4:20 pm EST


Eagle Pack Pet Foods
Eagle Pack Pet FoodsMar 4, 2012
Formulated for Champions

What fuels an Alaskan sled dog through the grueling 1,049 miles of snow covered wilderness that is known as the Iditarod race? It can't be just any dog food. It has to be a dog food that has the right balance of nutrition, can be easily digested and provides long lasting fuel and energy. This brand of food is called Eagle Pack. It was specifically formulated for performance dogs over 25 years ago, and has since become the official dog food of the Iditarod race. The good news is that your pet doesn't have to compete in a 1,000 mile sled race to benefit from the natural, balanced, healthy dog and cat foods offered by Eagle Pack.


It only makes sense that a pet food that delivers nutrition and energy to a champion performance dog would greatly improve the health and nutrition of your Fido or Tabby cat. What's surprising is the immediate results seen by pet owners who switch to Eagle Pack. Animals with chronic stomach issues become better eaters and have fewer problems eliminating their food. Pets who normally refuse to eat dry food happily devour their bowls of chow. Fur, eyes and teeth become softer, shinier and brighter. But the biggest change reported by pet owners who switch is the amount of energy their pets suddenly possess. What causes the results these owners are seeing?


According to Eagle Pack, its the special formulation of necessary nutrients and natural ingredients combined with a commitment to quality assurance, that surpasses even FDA standards, that create the healthy, happy pets these owners are seeing. The Eagle Pack brand is produced in Mishawaka, IN, from the label's own strictly self-regulated manufacturing facility. It starts with a strict supplier selection process that involves an audit and adherence to HACCP. Only the best suppliers with the highest standards are used by Eagle Pack. During production of the dog and cat foods, the facility adheres to the highest food safety and manufacturing practices, on par with the practices used by companies that produce food for people.


Since the manufacturing process is monitored so closely, it only stands to reason that the ingredients used in the food are the best available as well. Eagle Pack supplies a full listing on their website of all ingredients that go into their foods with explanations as to why the ingredient is beneficial and included in the food. Proteins, whole grains, supplements and antioxidants are included, while artificial preservatives, colors and flavors are not. Foods may feature such tasty and healthy ingredients as turkey, chicken and beef, sardines and anchovies, eggs, corn, oatmeal, brown rice, flaxseed, cranberries and olive oil. In fact, if it wasn't a pet food, you might expect to find it on the shelf at your local grocery store!


If you are thinking that all of this natural goodness will do wonders for your dog or cat's health and well-being, you'd be right. In addition to visible improvements, the foods also improve joint health, promote a healthy immune system and reduce the occurrence of urinary tract issues, among other improvements. Kittens that were found abandoned in the street are now purring and playing. Dogs that turned their noses up at most every food now look forward to mealtime. Stamina, energy and playfulness increase in both dogs and cats. These are changes that can't be measured but are sure to be noticed and loved by grateful pet owners who may have struggled with sickly, malnourished or lethargic pets.


Performance animals that pull a heavy sled, compete in the show ring or work on farms need a natural, healthy food that fuels their work and keeps them in tip-top shape. A food that is loaded with fillers or unbalanced simply won't give results. But even if your pet is not a champion racing dog or a polished show ring cat, that doesn't mean those other brands of food are okay for them, either. In order for all beloved pets to live long, happy and productive lives, they need proper nutrition. The Eagle Pack line of dog and cat foods deliver the highest quality pet food to your pet, whether he's happiest running the obstacle course or just playing fetch in the backyard.

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