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December 17, 2017 / 4:19 pm EST


Answers Pet Food
Answers Pet FoodApr 28, 2013
For Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

When you really start to think about it, is what we feed our pets natural and geared toward their individual nutritional needs? If so, when did dry, hard kibble become natural for our pets to eat? This is the question many pet owners have begun to ask themselves in their quest to help their pets live longer, healthier lives. There is a pet food company that can help…Answers Pet Food company has the “answers” pet owners seek! As a raw food company, Answers Pet Food hopes to help all pets achieve their optimum health through food products that were designed, tested, and developed specifically for the needs of our pets. Cats and dogs are carnivores and supplemented their diets in the wild with other natural foods, not the processed, tasteless, carbohydrate-based food we’ve come to accept as pet food today. There’s a better answer . . . from Answers Pet Food.

In order to create a pet food company that made food pets loved, pet owners could feel good about, and in a way that was socially, environmentally and scientifically responsible, Answers Pet Food had a lot of work to do! Starting from product formulation, with the assistance of a food scientist to make sure they got it right, through the selection of an environmentally friendly packaging that is recyclable, Answers approached their company as a commitment to pets, people, and the planet. Keith Hill, Answers' President and CEO, says, “Answers Pet Food’s mission is to be more than a pet food manufacturing company, but rather an ethical, social and environmentally conscious and best practices-based movement in the raw pet food industry, always practicing what we preach.”

The first important way Answers fulfills their mission is through the actual food product. Not only do dogs and cats have to love it (and they do!) but the formula has to be the best nutritional approach for animals that are, at their very core, carnivores. That’s why a raw food approach was the basis for all of Answers products. For dogs, the company created their “Straight” and “Detailed” formulas. Both are available in chicken, beef or pork, use no heat processing or synthetic vitamins, and come in green packaging. The Straight formula contains meat and ground bone, and owners can add the Answers Additional Goat Milk Formula to it for complete nutrition. This limited formula is great for dogs with allergies. The Detailed formula contains a full list of healthy ingredients in addition to the meat and bone: veggies, eggs, fish oil, minerals and Kombucha, a special type of green tea that is fermented and decaffeinated, plus Celtic Sea Salt for proper electrolyte balance.

For cats, Answers offers a Detailed formula which includes chicken, chicken liver, chicken heart, and ground chicken bone. For additional nutritional needs just for cats, the formula also contains raw cultured goat milk, raw cultured whey to help protect the food from bacteria, minerals, carrot fiber, and sea salt. For both cats and dogs, owners can purchase the Additional Goat Milk to help enhance pets’ nutrition. According to CEO Hill, “At Answers Pet Food, our goal is to provide your pet with the healthiest diet possible.” This is why none of the formulas are heat processed, and are in fact processed as little as possible in order to provide the best product possible. With many processed raw pet foods, the excess grinding and mixing destroys the proteins, while the processing and pasteurization forms a skin on the food. Answers' minimal processing leaves the food in truly raw form.

Another way Answers fulfills their mission is through their commitment to green, which is easily apparent in Answers' unique packaging. The company forgoes any plastic packaging because of the harm it does to the environment, plus it can contaminate the food with toxins. Answers' cartons are 100% recyclable, and they rely on two sustainable companies to handle their packaging needs: Evergreen Packaging and Impress Packaging. Together with Answers, these companies are recycling cartons, and spreading the message of responsible, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Answers Pet Food company is confident that feeding pets a raw diet is best. They have gathered information from veterinarians and animal researchers showing that the prevalence and kind of diseases found in animals today is alarming, and likely has a basis in the nutrition pets are receiving. No pet owner wants to watch their beloved pet deal with premature aging or chronic diseases and conditions. Helping dogs and cats live a healthy, happy life starts with proper feeding based on the nutritional needs of the animal. Perhaps you had questions before as to the best approach to use when feeding your own special companion, but now you have Answers!


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