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January 18, 2018 / 2:24 pm EST


SojosJan 25, 2013
Making Homemade Pet Food Easy

It would be great if we as pet owners could give our pets delicious homemade food like we feed our families each night, but with such busy lives and limited time, it can seem impossible. That's where Sojos comes in. This pet food company offers raw dog and cat food mixes that make it so easy for pet owners to mix and feed that you'll wonder why you have not been doing this already! Just take a bag of Sojos pet food, mix with water and real raw meat, and voila . . . a healthy and tasty food for your pet that is made from scratch with whole ingredients, in almost less time than it takes to open and pour a bag of commercial dog or cat food!

As a valued member of your family, your pet's nutritional needs are likely important to you. It's a frustrating dilemma, trying to sort out the best way to feed your beloved pet. On the one hand, the commercial feeds available make convincing-sounding claims: they are made with real meat, vitamins for good health, or with vegetables and whole grains. The truth about many commercially available pet foods is that the claims they make are deceptive at best and downright harmful at worst. That ingredient list of hard to pronounce words may leave you scratching your head, and rightfully so. Instead of the whole meats, grains and vegetables depicted on the front of the bag, the real ingredients often include rejected animal parts, fillers, dyes, byproducts, grease, or poor quality grains. On the other hand, there are many alternatives to commercially-made food, but it's difficult to sort through all the available choices to pick the best nutritional match for your pet and the best financial match for your wallet.

Sojos, a Minnesota-based pet food company that has been producing quality food since 1985, feels pets deserve the best quality food they can get, and pet owners deserve an easy solution they can feel good about feeding their furry family members. Co-owners Ward and Maggie Johnson bought Sojos in 1996 after they heard the company was for sale by the original owners. Ward was working for a holistic veterinarian and wanted to help pet owners see the value in feeding pets a fresh, raw food diet. Originally started out of the owners' kitchen, where they whipped up fresh batches of premixed food and dog treats, the company has grown but still makes Sojos foods and treats one batch at a time, from scratch, in the Ward's family-run mill.

What makes Sojos pet foods and treats different from other available foods? Quite a lot actually. First, Sojos are not the uniform sized and shaped kibble you usually see in a bag of pet food. Instead, this food is a mixture of whole grains, nuts, sea kelp, vegetables, dried fruit or herbs that you simply mix with fresh cuts of raw meat and water. The newly available Sojos Complete makes homemade even easier: it already contains freeze-dried raw turkey or beef, and all you do is mix with water and feed to your pet. All of Sojos pet food mixtures are free from gluten, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Instead, Sojos is made from recognizable whole ingredients that are of human-grade quality, such as sweet potatoes, eggs, nuts or broccoli. To make the food ready to eat, pet owners simply mix the appropriate amount of mix and water, and let it soak. The mix is shelf stable, despite the inclusion of raw ingredients. The food is mixed a few batches at a time, and one bag can feed a dog for about a month to six weeks, and a cat for about two months.

Cats and dogs were designed to consume raw foods. Their digestive systems do best when they eat a raw food diet, however, most commercial pet food relies heavily on processed filler material or grain products that provide little to no nutritional value to your pet. Feeding a diet of leftover table scraps is largely unhealthy, and creating food for your pet on a daily basis would be time consuming and expensive. Sojos pet foods offer an easy and nutritious way for you to give your pet the food he or she needs (and craves!) in a way that is not any more expensive or time consuming than what you feed them now. Sojos is truly "homemade made easy."


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