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December 16, 2017 / 9:14 pm EST


The Wholistic Pet
The Wholistic PetFeb 12, 2010
Natural Pet Supplements for Happy and Healthy Pets

Your pet’s health is important to you - make the most of your time together by giving your animal companion the nutrients he needs.  The Wholistic Pet offers a full line of organic supplements for dogs, cats, horses, and birds to ensure that your pet enjoys a long, happy life.

Healthy Digestion

Pure acidophilus works with your pet’s body to restore the necessary balance of bacteria in the digestive tract.  The powder can be added to pet food to protect your animal from an upset stomach, especially while sick, stressed, or after taking antibiotics.  This natural supplement is safe for all types of pets, including birds and horses.

Wholistic Digest-All is a blend of purified plant enzymes that help your pet’s body effectively breakdown and digest the proteins, starches, and carbohydrates they consume.  Digest-All is available for dogs, as well as a special formula developed specifically for cats.  Digest-All Plus adds a beneficial selection of probiotics to the formula.

Immune Boosts

Collected from pasture-raised cows, Wholistic Bovine Colostrum Powder provides your pet with a rich combination of nutrients and antibodies that increase and support healthy immune functions.  The supplement contains no additives or fillers and is derived from the beneficial ‘first milk’ of hormone and antibiotic-free US cows.  Colostrum powder can be added to the food or water of any pet, regardless of age, to improve and support immunity. 

Ester-C is a concentrated, easy to digest form of Vitamin C that helps to prevent sickness and disease in both humans and animals.  The Wholistic Pet’s Ester-C contains nearly 4,000 mg of Vitamin C per teaspoon, making it one of the strongest supplements on the market, and is ideal for dogs, cats, and horses.

Joint Health

Wholistic Run Free provides your dog or horse with all-natural joint support.  The blend of nutraceuticals, including glucosamine and chondrotin, provides relief from arthritis symptoms, protects cartilage,improves bone strength, and reduces joint inflammation.  This natural pet supplement can also prevent joint injuries and will improve your animal’s coat.

Available in both canine and feline formulas, Complete Joint Mobility is an all-in-one organic pet supplement that promotes total body health.  Made of quality organic ingredients like sea kelp, bee pollen, Ester-C, garlic, and more, Complete Joint Mobility provides your pet with the nutrients and antioxidants needed for a happy and healthy life while supporting joint functions as well.

Other Wholistic Pet Products

The Wholistic Pet offers more than 3 dozen organic pet supplements for dogs, cats, horses, and birds to provide your animals with all-natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they need to be healthy and strong.  You will also find chemical-free alternatives for flea & tick control, products to improve your pet’s skin and coat, and a selection of organic pet foods and treats. 

All Wholistic Pet products are made from human-grade ingredients and are free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, and toxins.  These natural pet products can be purchased at pet supply and animal care stores throughout the United States, Bermuda, Canada, and the UK or you can buy Wholistic Pet organic supplements and products through the website -





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