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December 17, 2017 / 4:19 pm EST


Nature's Variety
Nature's VarietyJun 2, 2012
Serves Up the Heartland's Best Nutrition for Your Pet

Our pets naturally prefer to eat a diet of real meat, poultry and fish, with added fresh fruits and vegetables. So it is unfortunate that many of the most popular pet foods on the market are based on grain as a filler and have added preservatives and chemicals. Nature's Variety is not one of those pet foods. Instead, the brand's Instinct, Prairie and raw foods for dogs and cats are as close to the healthy, natural diet your pet craves as possible, for a balanced diet that provides lifelong benefits.

Nature's Variety is a small company devoted to holistic pet nutrition. Their facilities are based in Lincoln, Nebraska, the perfect setting for the quality livestock and sustainable crops that provide the ingredients used in Nature's Variety pet foods. What pet owners won't find is any corn, wheat or soy; or any artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or chemicals. To make sure their pet food is of the highest quality and nutritional content, the company relies on the advice of a Nutrition Council, consisting of nationally known pet experts. The proof is in the customers, who tell Nature's Variety that switching to their food has eased their pet's allergies, helped them lose weight, motivated picky eaters to finally eat, and more! With three types of Nature's Variety food available, formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of your cat or dog, there is sure to be a Nature's Variety food that is just right for your pet.

The Instinct formula is a grain-free food for dogs and cats that comes in raw, kibble or canned form. The food is also gluten-free and easily digested. Nature's Variety Prairie Holistic nutrition formula offers another option for pet owners. Packed with poultry and fish proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, it provides a balanced diet for your pet that is free of any added ingredients or fillers. The company also offers a fun and unique treat for dogs: SweetSpots frozen treats, which are available in Sweet Potato & Molasses and Peanut Butter & Honey varieties. These refreshing treats are healthy, 98% lactose-free, and enriched with active yogurt cultures.

An important part of helping our pets live long and healthy lives is providing them with the most nutritious food, treats and products available, but there's another piece to the puzzle: knowledge. The more knowledge pet owners have about proper nutrition, health and well-being, the better they are able to help their pets. Nature's Variety is committed bringing pet owners the best food products, and also providing the best information about choosing the right foods, offering a balanced and varied diet, and how to properly store foods so pets are eating a safe, quality product. Nature's Variety offers all this information on their website to help pet owners become knowledgeable about their pet's individual needs. Pets that are healthy, well cared for, and free of frustrating conditions that can be exacerbated by poor diet, are happy pets.  And happy pets usually have happy owners!

Nature's Variety makes it easy to choose a holistic, nutritious diet for your pet. A balanced formula; packed with the freshest, most nutritious ingredients; based on expert recommendations for your individual pet's needs is what you will find with all of Nature's Variety canned, kibble and raw foods. Healthy, natural ingredients are what we choose for ourselves, and it's what we can give our beloved pets when choosing Nature's Variety.

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