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December 17, 2017 / 4:20 pm EST


Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food
Newman’s Own Organics Pet FoodJan 25, 2014
A Trusted and Respected Brand in the Industry

Although he became most well-known for his work as an actor, and his passion for automobile racing, it was what Paul Newman did quietly and steadily for many years before his death in 2008 that left a lasting legacy. It started out small, when he began giving away his homemade salad dressing to friends and family, and grew to become a worldwide business selling food products, and then organic products, that earned over $400 million dollars . . . all of it given to over 75,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide through the Newman’s Own Foundation. Now the Newman’s Own Organics name is also a trusted and respected brand in the pet food industry, offering dry and canned dog and cat food that is nutritionally dense, free from artificial ingredients and fillers, and specially formulated to meet your pet’s unique nutritional needs.

In 1982, actor Paul Newman started Newman’s Own as a way to get his natural, great-tasting food products into the hands of people who would appreciate them. The Newman’s Own brand grew steadily through the years, expanding to include more than 100 products, a separate company focused only on organic products, and the establishment of the Newman’s Own Foundation. The Foundation handles all of the company's after-tax profits by delivering those earnings to various charities worldwide. People have learned to know and trust the Newman’s Own name for their own health and well-being. Now, concerned pet parents, many of whom are worried in light of recent news reports about the safety and nutritional deficiency of currently available pet foods and treats, are turning to Newman’s Own Organics Dog and Cat Food to feed their pets a nutritious, balanced diet.

The same all-natural and safe philosophy applied to Newman’s Own Organics human food products also applies to their pet food products. Both dry and canned foods are made with 95% USDA certified organic ingredients plus high levels of appropriate proteins, antioxidants, vegetables, and grains. Newman's Own uses no animal testing, no GMO’s, antibiotics, preservatives, fillers, or additives in their food. All meat is human grade chicken and free-range beef, plus the formulations of their products are specific to the needs of your animals.

Newman’s Own Organics food for dogs, who are “omnivores” requiring meat and vegetables, contain protein-rich meat, healthy vegetables, soy, organic brown rice, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Newman’s Own Organics Cat food is formulated specifically for cat’s needs and contains high levels of meat proteins, because cats are “obligate carnivores.” Cats eat a meat-based diet, and require Taurine, an amino acid that is necessary for healthy eyes, heart, digestion, and reproduction that can only be obtained through eating meat. Newman’s Own Organic Cat food also contains low levels of ash and magnesium, a necessity for cats’ urinary tract health.

Pet owners who are interested in switching from their current commercial brand of pet food to Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food may be surprised to learn the extent to which their current pet food directly contributes to their pet’s overall health - sometimes detrimentally. For example, even a seemingly small inclusion in many pet foods marketed as "healthy" could negatively affect your pet, such as the inclusion of fruits. Newman’s Own asserts that while fruits are healthy, they are not reccomended for dogs and cats because the simple sugars they contain ferment when mixed with meat proteins and stomach acid during the digestion process. This causes unwanted gas, incomplete digestion, and stomach and intestinal irritation!

Other differences pet owners may notice in Newman's Own Organic Pet Food include the absence of additives that could cause allergies and the absence of hormones or antibiotics in the meats. In addition, Newman's Own relies on natural (rather than chemical) antioxidants, amino acids, healthy fats, and complex rather than simple carbohydrates. Pets can eat less Newman’s Own Organics food since it is more nutritent dense than regular pet foods. Owners will enjoy their pets' healthy and vital skin and coat, healthy organs leading to less disease, and more efficient digestive system!

Proper feeding is the number one way a pet owner can ensure optimal health, wellness, and vitality for his or her beloved pets, yet there seems to be a lot of misconception and misinformation out there. Newman’s Own Organics has been a trusted name for thirty years for people seeking food products that are natural, healthy, and wholesome. With Newman’s Own Organics Pet Foods, you can give your pets the same quality as people have come to expect from the Newman’s Own name, plus know that all profits are used to support deserving educational and charitable organizations worldwide.

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