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December 16, 2017 / 9:15 pm EST


Orijen Pet Foods
Orijen Pet Foods Sep 11, 2011
Made to be Biologically Appropriate for Your Cat or Dog

The ingredient listing on many pet food labels can leave buyers scratching their heads. What are all those chemical-sounding ingredients? Is this food healthy for my dog or cat? Will it promote my pet’s health, or is it full of fillers and additives that offer little nutritional value? How do I know what is really in my pet’s food?


What if the pet food label on the food you purchased featured ingredients such as grass fed beef, boneless chicken, salmon, deboned pork, or wild boar? If that sounds tasty to you, imagine how it would make your cat or dog react. Is there really a food for pets that contains real, fresh meats that haven’t been frozen and doesn’t contain unnatural fillers and additives? Happily, the answer is yes, and the brand is Orijen, made by Champion Pet Foods, a Canadian company that has been making fresh, healthy pet food since 1985.


Champion Pet Foods had simple beginnings as a regional pet food maker intent on using fresh ingredients to make “biologically appropriate” cat and dog food. This means that the foods are formulated to provide pets with the nutrients necessary for their optimal growth and health. What started out as a small operation has grown into a company that enables pet owners around the globe to purchase a pet food that is healthy, easily available and fresh. In addition to producing award-winning food, Champion Pet Foods makes all their products in their own facilities with ingredients that are fresh and local. Every bag of Orijen pet food is made to the highest standards, so pet owners can feel confident pouring it into their pet’s bowls.


The philosophy behind the Orijen brand and all of Champion Pet Food’s products is so simple, it makes you wonder why you ever bought conventional, mass produced dog and cat food: make pet food with fresh local ingredients that are nutritionally appropriate for dogs and cats. It doesn’t get any better than that! First, there are the ingredients. Many pet food companies market their products as “fresh” or “natural,” but often there is little evidence on the label to back up this claim. Champion Pet Foods only uses locally raised meats free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones in their pet food products. In fact, the meats are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as “fit for human consumption” and delivered fresh to Champion Pet Food’s facilities every day. After all, why should the ingredients be substandard because they are going into pet foods? And as for fillers and additives, you won’t find them in Orijen brand products. All of the ingredients in the Orijen brand are carefully selected and come from local producers that the company is happy to name…not from overseas in places such as China, like some pet food companies.


The second thing that puts Champion Pet Food’s Orijen above other pet foods is their mission to produce food that is biologically appropriate for the needs of cats and dogs by offering a food product that is focused on fresh meats with no preservatives and is not grain based. According to the makers of Orijen, dogs and cats are carnivores and their food should reflect this natural status. Many pet foods on the market contain large amounts of grains or carbohydrates, and this is not optimal for dogs and cats. Champion strives to create foods that animals would eat in a natural environment, which is why it is comprised of whole eggs, free range chicken and turkey, free range red meat and fresh fish, with a balanced percentage of fruits and no grains. This means that Orijin brand may look different than other pet foods, with individual pieces that are irregular in shape and size. This is a reflection of the natural ingredients and manufacturing processes. If all the pieces of your dog’s or cat’s food looks the same, then it was made using highly processed ingredients that do not promote optimal health for your pet. 

The Champion Pet Food company’s Orijen brand is a choice that pet lovers can make with confidence and peace of mind. The company provides all information about their products to customers, from the names of local companies that supply them to an explanation of how and why they formulate their product the way that they do. This means that pet owners can make a smart choice armed with the knowledge of the story behind that ingredient list.

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