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December 17, 2017 / 4:20 pm EST


Spring Naturals Pet Foods
Spring Naturals Pet FoodsNov 9, 2012
Is Making Sure Your Dog Isn't a Statistic

Did you know it is estimated that 1 in every 500 dogs suffers from diabetes? It is a well known fact that many people in our country suffer from diabetes due to diet-related issues, but now our pets are struggling with this disease, too, and for a surprising reason. Most pet foods rely on rendered meat meals and starchy wheat, gluten, corn or soy to act as filler and as binding agents to hold the food together. The pet food companies can utilize this technique to cut costs, but at what cost to our pets? Eating a nutritionally poor diet leads our pets to problems with their health as they struggle with overweight and diseases such as diabetes. Spring Naturals Pet Foods feels our pets deserve better, and they are putting that into practice by producing dry pet food, canned pet food, and pet treats that are wholesome, balanced, healthy and free from fillers, additives and unnatural ingredients.

According to Spring Naturals, our pets need to be eating foods that promote health and long life. "From the day we conceptualized Spring Naturals, we knew it was going to stand out from the pack," comments Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Cadenhead. "The Spring Naturals line of super-premium dinners and treats care for pets from the inside out. Not only do we use the highest quality ingredients, like real meat as the #1 ingredient instead of meat meal, from the highest regarded suppliers, we use those ingredients in the correct proportions so they are the most beneficial, being digested and absorbed by the companion animal." The Spring Naturals line of Dinners and Treats are owned by American Foods Group, a family-owned beef processing company that has been in business since 1946. The company relies on their reputation of using only premium ingredients from right here in the United States to provide the best products to people. Now with Spring Naturals, they are extending this philosophy to your pets.

Since Spring Naturals Pet Foods are packed with good, wholesome ingredients, that doesn’t leave much room for any of the usual ingredients found in many pet food brands. This includes beef, chicken, turkey lamb or fish meals, which are commonly used as a protein in pet foods. These meals are actually a byproduct of the oil rendering process, and need to be paired with corn, wheat, soy, white rice, brown rice, or potato starch in order to hold together. This can actually be detrimental to a pet’s health because the mix of ingredients is high in simple carbs, which your pet rapidly turns to glucose. Just as with people, this causes a spike in blood glucose levels and many pets don’t have a way to work off all that extra energy, leading to health problems. Other ingredients not found in Spring Naturals include artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

So now that we know what is not being put in Spring Naturals Pet Foods, what is in there? Pet parents will be happy to read the list of ingredients on these pet foods! You will find real meat, poultry or fish listed as the first ingredient, plus some of the foods have whole eggs, too. Then, depending on the type of food, there are whole vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and a host of antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Real fruits and vegetables in Spring Naturals foods include apples, cranberries, chickpeas and green peas. Spring Naturals offer several lines of food, depending on your pet’s needs: dry dinners, canned dinners, pet treats, organic dry and canned foods, and grain-free dinners and treats.

The Spring Naturals Organic dinners and treats use USDA Organic certified meat, poultry, and fish, plus chickpeas, green peas and eggs. The line also uses organically grown fruits and vegetables, and organic whole grains. The Organic Certified Seal means that at least 95% of the recipe is sourced from USDA-certified organic suppliers, and that the ingredients have been grown or raised without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  The company’s grain-free line is made specifically for dogs who can’t or shouldn’t eat a grain-based diet. Additionally, all products from Spring Naturals are made in the United States, so the company has complete knowledge of the production of these pet foods, from the growing of the vegetables to shipping the finished products.

Our pets should be able to run and play, sleep soundly, grow healthfully and live long lives. Spring Naturals Pet Foods are helping make this a reality for every pet with their wholesome, healthy, natural pet foods. One meal at a time, Spring Naturals may be able to assure that the "1in 500 diabetes" statistic is a thing of the past, and that our pets can live long, happy lives in the future.

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