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December 16, 2017 / 9:15 pm EST


YaYa’s Yum Yums
YaYa’s Yum YumsJul 13, 2014
Treats Your Pooch Won’t Be Able to Resist

Napawleans. Dognuts. Petipaws. Do these sound like sinfully delicious treats fit for the furry best friends in your life? You bet they do, and the best part is, they’re also healthy! YaYa’s Yum Yums are homemade dog treats helping pet owners who like rewarding their beloved pets while also providing them with a treat they can feel good about. These organic, whole food pet treats are made with care and could even compete with the most yummy gourmet bakery treat for people; with one small catch . . . these treats are only “going to the dogs!”

No pet owner wants to hear their pint-sized family member is sick. However, it was this devastating news that sent YaYa’s Yum Yums founder Anna Tigar into the pet treat business. The grandmother and pet parent learned that one of her dogs had developed a cancerous tumor. She was told to help him live out his last days comfortably, so she began making him healthy, whole food meals like those she would serve her human family. His last days stretched on for two years, and those were happily spent as a normal, active pet. Realizing she was onto something powerful, Anna borrowed her granddaughter’s nickname for her (YaYa) and launched a pet treat business that could help other pets live enjoyable, healthier lives.

YaYa’s dog treats and desserts are made with the ingredients we might expect to find in our own healthy treats. The company doesn’t use wheat or gluten, and instead relies on organic, healthy ingredients like kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, peanut butter, and yogurt. You’ll never find anything artificial, like preservatives, added flavors, or added colors. All treats are handmade and hand decorated, so (like snowflakes) no two YaYa’s Yum Yums are alike. Not only will your dog think these Yum Yums are delicious, they’re so beautifully decorated and packaged, you might have a hard time handing them over!

Perhaps you’re searching for a customized cake for your dog’s birthday. YaYa’s Yum Yums will bake up the perfect dog bone-shaped creation, made from delicious vegetable ingredients with a variety of yogurt icings. Your pup doesn’t have to feel left out over the holidays . . . YaYa’s can make a batch of cookies and holiday treats, all decorated for the occasion, and send them right to your door! Any “human” treat can become a dog treat - but made with ingredients that are suitable for a pet’s diet and provide health benefits, to boot.  Puppy pretzels, pretty snacks, tarts, cakes, and more, are all handmade and contain fresh ingredients that are organic and Human Grade. Every order is festively packaged and delivered to you. In fact, you may find your dog waiting by the door for those Yum Yum treats to arrive.

Your pet is a vital part of your family’s life, and you want to do everything you can to provide him or her with the healthy life she deserves. Maybe you’ve been loath to purchase pet treats lately because of the scary media reports about treat recalls that make it seem like you’d be gambling with your pet’s health. Your pooch can now enjoy special dog-friendly treats again with YaYa’s Yum Yums homemade and healthy dog treats. Give your favorite furry friend the chance to have his cake . . . and eat it, too!


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