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December 17, 2017 / 4:10 pm EST


A Peaceful Pet
A Peaceful PetJan 12, 2010
Earth-Friendly Pet Salon with a Creative Twist

From shivering pooches to the threat of harmful chemicals, many pet owners have grimaced at the thought of taking their precious companions to a traditional pet-grooming environment. However, with A Peaceful Pet in Houston, Texas, Sandy Stutz (an artist and pet groomer with many other talents) offers clients a less stressful experience by providing cozy surroundings and using earth-friendly products. Eco-conscious pet owners can now take pleasure in a luxury pet salon with a creative flair.

Creative Surroundings

Artists specializing in pet portraits and animal themes are encouraged to play an active role in creating the ambiance of the salon. For example, the grand opening of A Peaceful Pet, which took place on December 20, 2009, showcased the watercolors of Adine Rotman and the feline artworks of Deborah Bright.

Sandy Stutz wears many different hats, including a 10-year professional artist derby and a professional National Certified Master Groomer beret for almost 25 years. She's shown her artwork in Chicago, Phoenix and Houston, and has a permanent exhibit at the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana. Her latest pet salon concept is truly a work of art, as she blends art, meditation and pet grooming into one happy setting.

Animals come for grooming in a pet-friendly boutique environment with animal-related original artwork decorating the salon. The products used on the animals have not only earned an earth friendly seal of approval, but the local and national artists gracing A Peaceful Pet's gallery walls also utilize eco-friendly materials and techniques.

A Pampered Pet

Pets enter a no-cage environment when they come to get their nails done or fur styled. Owners wait n a home-like salon while their small dog(s) receives tender loving care. Soothing music fills the air, as your companion is treated to procedures that disregard the use of muzzles, intimidating 'scary' gloves and tranquilizers. A Peaceful Pet relies on soothing aromatherapy and a lot of patience to calm their furry clients.

Every product stocked in the salon is earth friendly, organic, botanical, recycled (or recyclable), biodegradable, or local, such as the natural pet care products of Tropiclean – which makes 'naturally green' berry-scented deodorizing pet shampoos and kiwi-scented conditioner for tangles.

Some of the services available for pets include canine baths, feline five-star treatments, doggy hairstyles, teeth brushing, nail grinding and the detangling of coats. Other services are available upon request. All salon visits require an appointment.

Contact Details

A Peaceful Pet
2726 White Oak Drive
Houston, Texas 77007

Phone: (832) 549-1730

Image Credit: A Peaceful Pet

By Yona Williams


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