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December 17, 2017 / 4:13 pm EST


Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas
Dr. Dawn Curie ThomasMay 22, 2012
Vet's Best Products

Did you know that a pet's overall health is reflected in their skin? This is something Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas, DVM, knew from the very beginning of her veterinary career. This was in the 1980's, when natural health treatments were still new for people, and almost non-existant for pets. A lifelong lover of animals and an observant, natural scientist, Dr. Thomas felt that she could offer something better to the furry patients in her veterinary practice than the medicines that often caused harsh side effects. Her idea was to create a system of natural products that could work together to solve some of the most common pet ailments, such as allergies, joint problems, surgical recovery and digestive issues. Vet's Best products work to make skin, the body's largest organ, healthier, while also promoting optimal internal organ functions. The true reflection of health is right on the surface: healthy skin and a shiny coat is the hallmark of a healthy, happy pet.

Since Dr. Thomas began her veterinary practice over 25 years ago, she focused on pet dermatology as a path to overall pet health. Using her love of science and belief in natural remedies as a starting point, she began formulating products using natural ingredients. Word began to spread that these new products performed exactly as advertised, and soon more and more pet owners began to seek out Dr. Thomas and her Vet’s Best brand products. With safe, effective treatment for some of the most frustrating pet health issues, it’s no wonder people drove hundreds of miles just to visit Dr. Thomas’ practice! So what can pet owners expect from Vet’s Best? A variety of products that can be used in combination to treat the specific needs of pets, such as:

·         Common pet skin ailments: Flea Itch Relief spray or shampoo calms skin and eases discomfort, without affecting topical flea treatments in both cats and dogs. For a host of other skin issues, including dry, itchy skin and seasonal skin allergies, Vita-Derm Shed + Itch Relief provides a tasty liquid supplement that works from the inside out.

·         Joint Issues: For many dogs, joint issues become more pronounced with age. Vet’s Best offers three levels of joint treatments designed to provide lifelong benefits. Level 1 supports younger dogs’ joint health, especially during training or competition, and provides joint maintenance in older dogs. Levels 2 and 3 offer stronger protection for older dogs' joints, or offers relief for joint pain and discomfort using important ingredients such as glucosamine and Turmeric Extract.

·         Cat Health: Vet’s Best products aren’t only for dogs. Common problems for cats, including digestive health and anxiety, are addressed with several products formulated just for cats. These include a handy waterless cat bath and easy-to-administer gel formulas for urinary tract health and hairball relief.

·         Ear problems: Recurring ear issues can be frustrating and painful for both cats and dogs. Vet’s Best offers both an Ear Relief Dry treatment and an Ear Wash, for ailments ranging from swimmer’s ear to ear odor to itchy, red ears.

After looking at just a small sampling of the products and helpful information offered by Vet’s Best, pet owners can trust that they will find a safe, natural, effective remedy for almost any situation. Plus, with a clear and helpful guide to almost any set of symptoms, along with an extensive index of all the natural ingredients used in Vet’s Best products, it is easy for pet owners to feel confident that they are using a treatment best suited to their pet’s individual health needs. After seeing their pet's skin health improve, anxiety dissipate, or recurring ailments become a thing of the past, owners will understand why Dr. Thomas and Vet’s Best have been trusted names for 28 years, and will continue to ensure that health is "nurtured from the inside out and from the outside in," one pet at a time.

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