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December 17, 2017 / 4:12 pm EST


Dr. Ihor Basko
Dr. Ihor BaskoFeb 4, 2013
Takes a Whole-istic Approach to Pet Health

Allergies. Skin conditions. Digestive problems. Disease. As pet owners, we dread the day we have to deal with any of these problems with our own beloved pets, but these problems are becoming more common. Dr. Ihor Basko, a holistic veterinarian based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, believes that while traditional medicine has an important place in the treatment of health issues, a whole and balanced approach to pet health is necessary to prevent future issues and lessen current symptoms. Dr. Basko offers phone consultations to patients all over the world, plus he has written a book on making homemade food for your dog, called “Fresh Food & Ancient Wisdom.” Whether your pet is dealing with acute symptoms, or you would simply like to learn how to keep your companion around for many healthy years, Dr. Basko has the wisdom and experience to help give your pet the natural balance necessary for optimal health.

Holistic and alternative approaches to health and well-being, for both people and pets, have become much more accepted as people begin to understand the benefits and advantages of this approach, used in conjunction with traditional medicine. This is a concept Dr. Ihor Basko believes in based on his education and experience in both traditional and alternative medicine. After graduating from Michigan State University's veterinary medicine program, Dr. Basko gained valuable insight into the treatment of animals during his time as a vet in an emergency animal hospital in California. A chance opportunity to take part in a study on pet acupuncture led to his journey studying alternative therapies and incorporating them into his approach to pet care.

In traditional veterinary medicine, the vet uses his or her skills, combined with medication or surgery, to diagnose problems and repair parts. Dr. Basko likens this approach to a mechanic fixing a car: it fixes the immediate problem, but it doesn't address the underlying cause of the problem. Dr. Basko also believes that simply throwing drugs, steroids, or surgery at a patient leaves out a big piece of the total health puzzle. In his approach to treating pets, Dr. Basko seeks to complete the puzzle for each and every pet patient with Chinese medicine and acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, chiropractic techniques, homeopathy and energy healing. Only then will he use a more traditional medicine approach as a last resort, rather than a starting point.

A big piece of the health puzzle for most of our nation's pets is nutrition. Dr. Basko works extensively to provide pet owners with education and ideas for feeding pets whole and natural foods, with supplements and herbal therapy if necessary. He is so committed to the idea of “you are what you eat,” he wrote a book about the whole and natural approach to nutrition, “Fresh Food & Ancient Wisdom.” Why is it so important to take a close look at your pet's diet? If you truly are what you eat, then the majority of our pets who eat commercial pet foods are made up of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, heavy metals and ingredients like rancid fat, sugar, mold and condemned meat. Is it any wonder many pets experience skin problems, lack of energy, disease, itchiness, dull coat, and a host of other health problems?

By providing your pet with a diet consisting of natural, fresh, and organic ingredients, you are helping to ensure optimal health for your pet and even help your pet prevent against many debilitating diseases. No more problem ears, smelly coats, shedding fur, or lack of energy. Instead, the proper diet will help your pet become less itchy, with clear eyes and ears, a glossy coat, a healthy mouth, and a healthy digestive system. Dr. Basko's book helps pet owners understand the realities of feeding a commercially available diet, and shows how owners can take a new approach to feeding your dog to address specific medical issues, help overweight dogs lose weight, go vegetarian and help your dog enjoy mealtime once again.

You don't have to live in Hawaii to reap the benefits of Dr. Basko's friendly and caring approach to pet health. Using phone consultations or the wisdom contained in his pet nutrition book, you can rely on Dr. Basko's expertise to set your favorite furry friend on the path to a long and vibrant life.


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