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December 17, 2017 / 4:22 pm EST


Dr. Pamela Fisher
Dr. Pamela Fisher Jan 21, 2012
Offers Holistic Solutions for a Healthier Pet

As a pet owner, there is nothing harder than seeing your beloved pet hurting, sick or dealing with the effects of aging. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the trips to the vet, medications or dietary changes are actually working to make your pet feel his or her best. Dr. Pamela Fisher, a doctor of veterinary medicine based in North Canton, Ohio, hopes to use her special approach to pet care to help all animals feel and look their best, one pet at a time. Using a combination of natural remedies, a thorough examination in a comfortable setting and alternative therapies, Dr. Fisher and her dedicated and trained staff provide pets and their owners with the tools and support necessary to help any pet feel safe, happy and healthy.

Pamela Fisher aspired to be a veterinarian from an early age, and worked for many years as a vet in a traditional practice. Soon, it became apparent to her that pets could derive great benefit from holistic medicine. She has since opened her own practice, staffed it with warm and caring people who are trained in a variety of alternative therapy methods, and educated others in holistic medicine across the country. She also operates the Natural Pet Store in her practice and online. The Natural Pet Store provides natural and safe pet products, supplies, and food to pet owners concerned about the effects of commercially made pet items on their pets and on the environment.

A visit to the office of Dr. Fisher is unlike a typical vet visit. Instead of a quick checkup and possibly a prescription, Dr. Fisher asks that first time patients plan to spend one hour during their first visit. During this hour, Dr. Fisher gathers information about a pet’s diet, personality, home life and medical needs. She also performs a routine physical examination. Once she has a good understanding of the needs of the pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or other domestic animal, she will then perform a Veterinary Contact Reflex Analysis and discuss any dietary, behavior modification or holistic treatments that may be necessary. The pet owner is closely involved in the process of learning about the pet’s needs, and monitoring and supporting any changes at home. Follow up visits monitor the pet’s progress. In taking this approach, the staff of Dr. Fisher’s office gets to know their animal patients on every level: physically, emotionally and behaviorally. In doing so, they can help pet owners create a happier, healthier life for their animals.

The alternative medicines and therapies are an integral part of the work that is done at Dr. Fisher’s office by both Dr. Fisher and her staff. The first introduction new patients have to the approach used here is at the first appointment, when pets are given the Veterinary Contact Reflex Analysis. This is an energetic physical and emotional evaluation based on Applied Kinesiology, and can help a practitioner discover the root causes of diseases. Once pets are completely evaluated, treatments such as homeopathic remedies, light and color therapy, or Reiki may be employed based on the specific needs of each pet. Dr. Fisher may even recommend a pet massage or acupressure session that will have your pet leaving the office happier, more relaxed and possibly with an extra bounce in his step. The evaluation of a pet’s diet may also lead to recommended changes, such as incorporating organic or raw food products. After working with Dr. Fisher’s office and making recommended changes, many pet owners report that their pets seem happier, play more and are generally healthier overall.

As a helpful addition to the services offered by Dr. Fisher’s practice, the Natural Pet Store is available both in the office and online. Pet owners looking for a variety of safe, natural products will find organic pet beds, organic toys, raw and natural foods, and many different pet accessories and specialty items. Pet owners can also find safe flea treatments and pet shampoos, a selection of informational books, CD's and DVD's, plus a human treat, Rescue Chocolate for People, where 100% of the purchase price is donated to animal rescue organizations.

Pet owners love nothing more than knowing that they can share their lives with pets that are clean, happy and healthy. When things do go wrong, or when owners are looking for information on maintaining or boosting their pet's health, it's important to know someone is available who is knowledgeable, cares for animals and will go the extra mile for a pet in need. Educating people about holistic therapies and allowing them to see the wonders it will do for a pet's well-being and health keeps Dr. Fisher's patients and their owners happily coming back for more.

Information on Dr. Fisher's practice and the various therapies offered, plus a link to the Natural Pet Store's website can both be found at:

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