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December 17, 2017 / 4:22 pm EST


Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Removal Services
Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Removal Services Jul 27, 2010
The Easy Way to Keep Your Yard Safe and Clean

We love our four-legged friends, but keeping the yard clean and free of pet waste isn’t quite so enjoyable.  More and more pet owners are taking advantage of eco-friendly pet waste removal services to handle the chore.  These services are popping up across the nation and offer professional yard cleanup with environmentally sound waste removal methods. 

Why Hire a Pet Waste Removal Professional?

Cleaning up after your pet is not a fun task.  It can also be extremely time consuming, especially if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of waste disposal.  The services of a professional make it possible to enjoy your yard without spending all of your time cleaning it.  These companies will also make sure your pet waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Service Providers

Yolo County, California

Serving Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento, Doody Guy provides professional eco-friendly pet waste removal with flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.  Biodegradable bags are used to collect all the waste from your yard, and are then taken to an offsite facility for composting.  Doody Guy also offers general yard maintenance services using eco-friendly mowers and tools that operate on rechargeable batteries to keep your yard safe and beautiful. 

Denver, Colorado

Pet Scoop has served pet owners in the Denver Metro area since 1994 and offers scheduled cleanup services, as well as one-time visits.  Email invoicing and online scheduling reduce the company’s paper usage.  When paper billing or correspondence is required, Pet Scoop uses 100% recycled paper.  Pet waste is delivered to Aurora based EnviroWagg where it is turned into a safe, nutrient rich compost.

Kansas City Metro

Serving several cities in both Kansas and Missouri, EcoScoopers is committed to protecting the health of you and your family, as well as the planet.  A professional scooper will arrive at your home in a fuel-efficient vehicle and will collect all of your pet waste using biodegradable bags.  EcoScoopers delivers all waste to a local composting facility and uses automatic billing, e-invoices, and wind powered web hosting to minimize their carbon footprint. 

Houston, Texas

Call to Doody specializes in eco-friendly pet waste removal services in the Houston area, as well as dog waste systems for neighborhoods, parks, and commercial clients.  An authorized Dogipot dealer, Call to Doody offers a range of eco-friendly waste removal products and regularly scheduled or one-time yard cleanup services.  All dog waste is disposed of according to the local health and environmental services guidelines to protect your health as well as the environment. 


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