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December 17, 2017 / 4:13 pm EST


Dr. Christina Chambreau
Dr. Christina ChambreauNov 18, 2012
Helping Pet Owners Create Healthy Pets

As pet owners, we spend the most time with our pets, caring for them, playing with them and loving them. Yet, it is often the case that we rely on the advice or opinions of others to tell us what we should feed our pets and how to ensure they are healthy. In a world of competing viewpoints and misleading information, the true focus of our concerns -- helping our pets live long and happy lives-- may be lost or forgotten. Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, is a homeopathic veterinarian who uses holistic approaches and homeopathic remedies to empower her clients to care for the pets they know best.

Christina Chambreau received a conventional schooling in becoming a veterinarian, but began using homeopathy almost immediately after opening her own practice in 1983. Since that time, she has become well known as a helper of pet parents, healer of pets and internationally sought after speaker. Today, she does not have an office or clinic, she instead does phone consultations with owners and provides detailed and easily administered remedies that can be given by owners and that promote optimal animal health. In addition, Dr. Chambreau travels as a speaker and teacher, where she educates veterinarians and pet owners on using a holistic approach to pet health, covering topics such as choosing an approach to healing that benefits the animal and the planet, and integrating holistic medicine into conventional veterinary practices.

Dr. Chambreau's approach to pet health is one that takes into consideration all aspects of the individual pet, including diet, any existing conditions or ailments, and the general health and behavior of the pet. Through her phone consulting holistic practice, Dr. Chambreau helps guide pet owners toward making the best decisions for their pets. The best outcome of the work Dr. Chambreau does would be to have any current problems remedied, future problems prevented, and to see an increase in a pet's health and vitality for the long-term.

Once a pet owner schedules a consultation, Dr. Chambreau begins by having the owner provide a general overview of the pet's behavior, personality and any illness or problem that the pet may be experiencing. Based on this information, Dr. Chambreau will choose an appropriate medicine and talk the owner through how to administer it, including how to record a pet's reaction. Dr. Chambreau may also suggest a visit to your local veterinarian or an annual physical as needed, and may give suggestions for providing pets with the optimal healthy diet. Depending on your pet's specific needs, treatment may include homeopathic remedies, changes in diet, or a further physical examination by a local vet.

The homeopathic approach to wellness may be a little different than many pet owners are used to. Homeopathic medicines are not given like regular medications, and in fact may be given infrequently and still provide tremendous benefits. The medicines Dr. Chambreau provides are given in tablet, granule or pellet form, and Dr. Chambreau provides guidance on how and when to administer them. Dr. Chambreau also recommends that pet owners keep a journal where they can record observations, reactions, and behaviors to accurately gauge how their pets respond to treatment. Diet has a great effect on a pet's health and well-being, and unfortunately most commercial foods are inadequate for keeping a pet at their peak of health. Dogs need 25-95% protein with vegetables, while cats need 70-100% protein and actually should not eat dry food due to its effect on their kidneys. Other animals need to eat as close to what they would naturally eat as possible, which means many animals who eat pellet food should actually be eating fresh grass or hay.

For pet owners who want to have as much information as possible about the best care guidelines for their pets, Dr. Chambreau also offers the Healthy Animal Journal, which helps owners learn to look for early signs of illness using a symptom list, helps them record new treatments or changes, and provides the space necessary for the person who best knows the pet to be in charge of their health: you!


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