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December 17, 2017 / 4:07 pm EST


New York City’s Green Pets Spa & Boutique
New York City’s Green Pets Spa & BoutiqueAug 2, 2014
Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

Pet owners don’t like to leave their pets with just anyone. Whether it’s for daycare while working, boarding during a vacation, or just a grooming visit, owners often pick their furry family member’s care facility with as much thought as their children’s! That’s why pet parents in the Brooklyn, NY area will be happy to hear about Green Pets Spa & Boutique, a grooming, daycare and boarding facility that also features a boutique filled with healthy, natural pet supplies. The best part about Green Pets is that the owners and staff treat each and every pet as their own. Owners are rest assured that when their pet is at Green Pets, they’ll play in a clean, Eco-friendly space and be treated like family.

Nobody likes leaving a pet alone or crated, but sometimes it’s not feasible to be home with your pet, or to have them travel with you. Finding a great pet care facility is like finding a diamond in the rough: rare and worthwhile. The folks at Green Pets Spa & Boutique put your pet first. What other daycare, grooming, or boarding facility will come to your home to pick up your pet or take it to the vet’s office while you’re away on vacation? While having a green facility that is clean and appropriate for pets to play and socialize in was a top priority for Green Pets, nothing takes precedence over happy and healthy pets, and satisfied owners. That’s why the staff will go above and beyond to ensure that your pet’s experience at Green Pets is like a home away from home. Bringing your dog’s favorite blanket and play toys? No problem! Using gentle, natural, safe shampoos and conditioners to groom? Of course!

The Green Pets daycare and boarding facilities were designed to encourage healthy play and social interaction for pets, whether they’re staying for a day or a week. A large supervised indoor play area, together with the 1,200 square foot outdoor area, provides your pet with the movement and play they need. Before the facility was opened, care was taken to choose options for the physical space with a small carbon footprint. This included Eco-friendly flooring and paint, and the use of natural products in the facility’s boutique. Pets who stay for overnight visits have their own sleeping area, with their own familiar supplies if necessary. Days are spent playing, exercising, and interacting with both other pets and trained staff members. Pets who come to the facility must have a current vet card, proof of shots and vaccinations, and assurance that the pet is not aggressive to other pets or humans, so all Green Pets boarders can have a safe, healthy experience.

There’s nothing better than a clean, groomed pet. They smell good, look healthy, and feel better because they are not itchy, dirty, or dealing with mites, fleas, unclipped nails, or matted fur. At Green Pets Spa & Boutique, grooming is done by well-trained grooming staff with over 10 years of experience. Pets are often bathed before cuts, or shaved down with owner approval to ensure a comfortable experience for the pet. The facility only uses safe, natural products that won’t cause irritated, itching skin, or draw toxins into the skin. Your pet’s coat will look and feel as healthy as can be. Groomers can perform any cut, take care of important pet maintenance tasks like clipping nails or bathing, and take time to inspect your pet’s skin and fur to ensure optimal pet health.

Don’t feel anxious or worried anymore when you have to leave your pet. Bring them to Green Pets Spa & Boutique for peace of mind for you and a great experience for your pet. Not only will they be treated with the same care and love as you would give, they will also be able to romp and play in a facility that is as friendly to the environment as it is to your pet!


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