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December 17, 2017 / 4:11 pm EST


SoCal Dog Grooming
SoCal Dog Grooming Nov 3, 2011
Will Go the Extra Mile for Your Pet

What could be more convenient than a professional dog groomer who will bathe, comb and clip your pet? How about a dog-grooming service that comes to you? If you live in Southern California, then SoCal Dog Grooming will come to your home, office, or any other location and professionally groom your pet on the spot. You can have a clean, professionally groomed pet without leaving the comfort of your own home. Now, that’s service!


SoCal Dog Grooming is a professional pet grooming service operated and staffed by knowledgeable, professional groomers who go the extra mile for your pet, sometimes literally. They are able to provide a complete mobile pet grooming service with the help of a specially outfitted grooming van that houses all needed supplies and equipment. Even better is the fact that the sun powers the services offered through Socal Dog Grooming. The van features onboard inverters and solar panels that generate the energy to run all the equipment on the mobile unit.


SoCal’s mobile unit offers all the services a customer would expect from a pet groomer, with an environmentally friendly twist, since the van doesn’t need to rely on a gas powered generator for its electricity. In addition to being solar powered, the mobile van features a 40-gallon water tank that is sent to an on-board water heater before it is used for bathing. Pets are able to enjoy a warm bath in the unit’s tub, and then have their coat dried with the forced-air dryer. A hydraulic grooming table allows for easy grooming, no matter what size your pet is. The grooming van also features ventilation and a lighting system consisting of halogen lamps and a skylight.


Having a great grooming setup may be enough for some customers, but SoCal Pet Grooming takes service seriously. It starts with the convenience and ease of having a grooming appointment whenever and wherever you need it. In addition, the staff at SoCal keeps your pet’s health at the forefront of all they do. They offer a full range of professional quality shampoos and conditioners for bathing that are organic, environmentally friendly and safe for your pet’s skin. A grooming session with SoCal Grooming can also help you keep your pet healthy. Part of each session is spent thoroughly checking your pet’s skin, coat, nails, ears and teeth for any potential problems. Individual records keep track of pets over time, so you can be sure your pet’s health is being monitored and that you will know right away if any problems arise.


Many pets love the special attention and care that they experience during a grooming appointment. However, there are also many pets that hate “going to the groomers,” where they may have to spend several hours surrounded by unfamiliar animals while waiting for their appointment. SoCal Pet Grooming eliminates the anxiety and stress of these visits with their mobile service, a perk that many pet owners may never have considered. Pets can be groomed in their own yard, with their owners present if appropriate. Pets with regular grooming appointments become familiar with their groomers and are pampered and cared for without having to be in a cage or exposed to unfriendly animals.


Having a professional, caring, consistent pet groomer is a huge benefit to many pet owners. Now, that service can be even more convenient. With SoCal’s mobile grooming unit, you can be sure your pet is getting the best treatment possible. Your pet may actually begin to look forward to seeing SoCal Pet Grooming’s unique mobile van pull into your driveway!

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