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December 17, 2017 / 4:21 pm EST


The Holistic Vet
The Holistic VetAug 5, 2012
Helps Pets Obtain Health and Well-Being with Natural Medicine

When you bring your pet to a veterinarian, whether it is for a regular checkup, a medical issue, or for a surgical procedure, you want to know that your pet’s total health is being monitored and treated. This is the approach holistic veterinarian Marc Bittan takes at his Holistic Veterinary Healthcare practice in Los Angeles. Using a combination of careful diagnostic techniques, holistic medicine, chiropractic treatments and advice on proper nutrition and supplementation, Dr. Bittan has been able to help pets heal from chronic conditions, recover from surgery or live a more active, pain-free life. Dr. Bittan offers in-person visits at his clinic, phone consultations, and corresponds through fax or email, showing that he cares about the health and well being of every animal and wants to help all pets become happy and healthy, no matter where they reside.

Even though Dr. Bittan always knew he wanted to be a vet, he didn’t realize until after conventional medical training and practicing as a veterinarian how destructive common treatments and practices could be to an animal’s overall health. Instead of fixing injured pets like he envisioned as a child, Dr. Bittan was treating allergies, cancer and other auto-immune diseases, and prescribing drugs to treat the conditions. He found he was becoming frustrated after hearing the long lists of harmful side effects the pets were experiencing as a result. His approach to veterinary care began to change once he began to experience how holistic medicine positively affected his own health. When he opened his own practice in 1995, his mission became increasingly clear: to begin undoing the damage caused to pets by years of medication and drug therapy side effects, and to help prevent certain conditions that are considered common for many pets.

The approach Dr. Bittan uses for each pet under his care is to focus on natural therapies and the animal’s own healing processes to allow pets to live a better life, free from the negative effects of traditional medicine, the aging process and the lasting effects of injuries or surgery. Helping pet owners to understand the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation is the first step, for pets that eat subpar food and are not receiving the correct nutrients cannot operate at peak health. For pets that are already dealing with health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, or chronic infection, the goal is to bring the pet to a healthy, pain-free state using natural healing processes and homeopathic remedies, which help boost the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Bittan also recommends pet owners bring in their pets before any issues arise, hopefully making sure these pets never have to deal with chronic or debilitating conditions.  It’s an approach that clearly demonstrates care and concern for the health and well-being of every animal.

For pet owners who live near Dr. Bittan’s Los Angeles-based practice, a personal consultation, either alone or in conjunction with the advice of the pet's regular veteranarian, will allow Dr. Bittan to assess the pet's overall state of health and allow him to begin a treatment plan. For pets that live too far to travel, Dr. Bittan is available for consultation by phone, fax or email, and can begin to recommend some of the whole foods, supplements and holistic treatments available that will set any pet on the path to vital health and well-being.

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