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December 17, 2017 / 4:21 pm EST


Pet Pals Holistic Veterinary Hospital
Pet Pals Holistic Veterinary HospitalMay 13, 2013
Your Pet Pals Will Be Treated Right

Pet owners want to help their pets be as happy and healthy as possible, whether it's through preventative measures like flea control, medical procedures for acute problems, or behavior therapy for specific issues. A great veterinary hospital would offer services to address all issues in a way that supports and treats the whole pet. Indianapolis area Pet Pals Holistic Veterinary Hospital is such a place. Combining the latest in traditional medicine with effective holistic treatments, Pet Pals makes taking care of your pets needs a priority.

In 1994, Dr. Rick Arnold founded Pet Pals Veterinary Hospital and House Calls in Nora, Indiana as a traditional veterinary practice with a twist: when clients needed the vet to come to them, that's just what Dr. Arnold did. After selling the practice to Dr. Julie Towle, a holistic veterinarian, in 2012, Dr. Arnold continued to practice as a DVM and also continued to offer routine pet care visits to the homes of clients who couldn't travel to the facility. The hospital’s combination of traditional medicine together with a holistically trained vet, Dr. Towle, is one that is unique and beneficial to pets.

There is much debate in both the human and animal medical fields as to which treatment approach is the best one to take. Preventative medicine where the focus is on preventing disease before it happens? A traditional medical approach where the symptoms or issues are treated as they arise? Or a holistic approach that uses alternative therapies to manage pain or treat symptoms? Pet Pals is unique because they combine the best of each approach, using the necessary strategies to treat each pet's individual needs. This may include educating pet owners on nutrition and preventive health care, offering chiropractic and massage for pet health, or performing the most advanced surgeries using the best technological tools. Pet Pals also offers counseling for pet owners on behavior management, a full pharmacy, and herbal treatments. Pet Pals reinforces their commitment to all animals by integrating the best services for the health of pets.

With the main goal being a healthy, happy, and well-cared for pet, the focus at Pet Pals is not so much the approach used but the care and compassion shown to both pets and their owners. Dealing with a sick pet or a pet with chronic pain or disease is frustrating and stressful for both animal and owner, and Pet Pals attempts to provide complete peace of mind. When pet owners bring their pets to Pet Pals, they know that if traditional approaches don't work, there's always another avenue to explore for their furry family member. Even hospice services are handled here, so owners can say goodbye in a loving environment. Pets that can't come to the Hospital can still receive house calls by appointment, a service most “people” doctors won't offer!

Sometimes a pet owner is simply seeking to improve the health or behavior of a pet rather than treat an acute problem. A visit to Pet Pals can help you deal with the symptoms of separation anxiety, get your pet's teeth cleaned, or have a Microchip installed in case Fido ever jumps the fence. When you do face a condition with your beloved pet such as cancer, heart problems, or critical emergency care, the staff is ready with a caring attitude and the best technologies right at their fingertips. Pet Pals Holistic Veterinary Hospital strives to go beyond simple examination and diagnosis to offer something different to their clients. At Pet Pals, you will have a partner who cares just as much about your pet’s health and well-being as you do.

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