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January 20, 2018 / 5:38 am EST


Greener Pup
Greener PupMar 13, 2013
Greener Pups Are Happy Pups

Kari Whitman always had a passion for animals, the environment, and design. So it only makes sense that she would grow up to become a designer and an animal and environmental advocate. However, Kari happens to have some of Hollywood’s biggest names as her fans, helping her to bring awareness and attention to the plight of shelter animals and to the importance of giving our beloved pets safe and eco-friendly products in a way that many people can't. As an interior designer to the stars, Kari was bringing her passion for design to life by creating fabulous interior spaces for some of the most well-known names in Hollywood. As fate would have it, it wasn’t until she was trying to locate an eco-friendly dog bed for a high-end celebrity client’s green home that she realized she could combine all her passions and use her design skills to save the planet, and save pets’ lives!

After searching for a dog bed that was comfortable, stylish, and earth-friendly, Kari realized that the item she searched for didn’t exist. The stylish dog beds weren’t eco-friendly, and the eco-friendly dog beds were, of course, not stylish! What’s a talented designer with a heart for animals to do? Create her own line of eco-friendly dog and cat beds that are safe for pets, safe for the Earth . . . and safe for the style-conscious to display in their homes. She formed her company, Greener Pup LLC, and began selling pet beds to celebrity clients and regular folks alike, but that still wasn’t enough for Kari.

As far as Kari was concerned, doing good could be taken much further, so she did just that, and designated 100% of the profits from Greener Pup to her animal rescue shelter, Ace of Hearts. This special shelter rescues dogs the day they are scheduled to be put down in regular Los Angeles area shelters! The animals are taken in by Ace of Hearts and placed in permanent homes. Since Ace of Hearts began, they have saved the lives of over 2,000 dogs that were abandoned, mistreated, or given up. This special rescue mission was begun by Kari after her beloved rescue dog, an American bull dog named Ace, passed away. Kari hoped that she could give dogs of all breeds the chance to experience life in a home with a family that loved him or her.

Today, Kari is actively devoting her time to her rescue mission, her interior design services at Kari Whitman Interiors, and to Greener Pup pet beds. What makes Greener Pup beds so special? First of all, your dog or cat will love how cozy and comfortable these beds are. Pet owners will appreciate how easy they are to clean and that they are safe for their pets and safe for the environment. Each Greener Pup bed is made in the United States, with a free washable cover made from recycled fabrics, and beds are stuffed with a pillow form or surprisingly soft and durable filler material made from 100% recycled plastic. According to Greener Pup, one pound of filling is made from 10 plastic bottles. Since the beds have up to 12 pounds of filling each, each bed keeps 70-120 plastic bottles out of the landfill. This filler material is also breathable and hypo-allergenic, plus it doesn't attract bugs.

Pet parents have many options available to them when choosing the right Greener Pup bed for their dog, or a Greener Kitty cat bed. Kari is, after all, a designer! There are three styles of beds: rectangle, round, and sofa bed. Each style can be customized with a cover that is made from a variety of fabric patterns to match or coordinate with your decor. Every fabric cover is removable for easy cleaning and made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Your pup spends a lot of time playing and interacting with you and your family. A soft and comfortable bed for him to slumber on is a must, especially as he gets older and requires the support of a good pet bed. Giving your favorite furry companions a Greener Pup pet bed will also ensure that your pet beds are stylish and good for the environment, plus your purchase helps another dog find his or her forever home!

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