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January 18, 2018 / 2:14 pm EST

Eco Destinations

Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya
Campi ya Kanzi, KenyaFeb 23, 2010
Eco-Destination Spotlight

An African safari is truly a voyage of excitement, thrills, and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nature and wildlife.  To many, the word ‘safari’ means really roughing it, but Campi ya Kanzi combines the true spirit of a safari with five-star accommodations and environmental concern.  The result is an exciting opportunity to discover a raw and untouched aspect of life – without sacrificing one bit of luxury.

Campi ya Kanzi

Tembo House is the very heart of Campi ya Kanzi; a common area where individuals can interact and enjoy the spirit of Africa.  Imagine sipping a refreshing drink and listening to classical music while watching the local wildlife drink from the nearby watering hole.  Gourmet dishes are served by the skilled chefs, and you enjoy candlelit dinners with fine table settings like crystal.  That brings about a different image of your upcoming safari, doesn’t it?  Fresh vegetables are gathered from the organic veggie garden, along with fresh organic eggs and milk.  The Tembo House allows you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a good book or just relax after your safari.

You’ll be sleeping in cottages – either the Hemingway house or the Simba house, with thatched roofs.  Features include feather mattresses, linens imported from Italy, handmade furniture created from local fallen logs, and rich kilim rugs. Solar heated water is available in the full bathroom – complete with bidet, basin, flush toilet, and a full elegant bath. You’ll wake up to freshly brewed Kenyan coffee, brought to you by your personal attendant and enjoy breakfasts with fresh fruit like mango, complete with eggs and bacon cooked over a brush fire.

The Kanzi house is an option for those who want more luxury, and it features a Jacuzzi, 60ft swimming pool with a pool cottage, and private safaris with your own guide.  It’s one of the only privately rented villas in Africa – and with all that luxury, it’s still eco-friendly.


You have the option of choosing different types of safari – whether you want a walk in the savannah or the cloud forest, or something a little different. You’ll be able to work directly with your guide to determine the type of safari you want – and you’ll love the breathtaking views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Your tracker will be able to help you spot the wildlife – whether it’s a hiding cheetah or a proud lion.  A game drive would allow you to explore more distant areas of the 280,000 acre reservation.  Simply tell your guide what you want to see and he’ll help you plan the perfect safari.

Eco-Aspect and Social Impact

Campi ya Kanzi works closely with the Maasai community, putting money back into it so that the people can prosper.  They also work with the teachers to create trips and workshops, showing the Maasai people how to protect their wildlife and earth.  Game scouts are employed to ensure that no water diversion, poaching, brush fires or illegal wood cutting is taking place.  Campi ya Kanzi employs teachers to ensure that local primary schools receive the education they need.

With the Simba project, Campi ya Kanzi can help the Maasai community offset their livestock losses due to lion attacks and other predator attacks, saving the lives of the lions.  Since the start of the Simba project, lion population is up 300%.  Actor Edward Norton is the president of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund, and together, the impact on wildlife and the local community has been phenomenal.

When you’re considering a vacation you’re not soon to forget, think of a safari with Campi ya Kanzi.  When your friends ask how you’ll ever make it, remember the Tembo House and look forward to your elegant candlelit dinners, afternoon siestas and the fellowship you’ll surely find with others!

By Samantha Cummings


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