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January 18, 2018 / 2:14 pm EST

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Joia das Dunas Eco-Villas and Hotel
Joia das Dunas Eco-Villas and HotelJul 19, 2012
Enjoy Portugal!

There is an enticing vacation destination on the west coast of Portugal, a short drive away from Lisbon and right on the sand dunes of Seixo beach. The area is known locally as the Silver Coast, a poetic sounding reference to the silvery color of the sand. It is at Joia das Dunas, a seaside collection of eco-villas, townhouses, and a 5-star hotel and spa, that guests or buyers can experience all that Portugal has to offer. Near the sunny town of Santa Cruz, this eco-friendly resort gives guests several lodging options right in one spot. Stay for a week, take an extended vacation, or return year after year to your seaside villa.

After it opened in 2007, Joia das Dunas became a model for sustainable and eco-friendly construction. The property consists of 10 villas available for purchase, 8 town houses, and the Areias do Seixo Hotel & Spa.  Each villa was built from locally sourced and recyclable materials and designed by Vasco Vieira, the former Chief Architect of Vale de Lobo. The prevailing feeling of Vieira's design is contemporary in style yet in harmony with nature. The eco-features of each completed villa include geothermal energy for heating and cooling of floors and water, harvested rainwater that is collected for future use in public gardens, and zero waste operation, with composting and recycling comprising the bulk of their waste management program. Every measure is designed to leave a low carbon footprint, without sacrificing style and luxury.

There is great flexibility in how guests decide to lodge at Joia das Dunas, with the option of purchasing a residence, renting out the residence when not in use, or staying in a guest suite at the hotel. The eco-villas and townhouses offer the buyer a wealth of advantages. Each residence has a sweeping view of the ocean and nearby sand dunes. Each villa has three bedrooms, satellite and Wi-Fi access, a pool and barbeque pit, a full kitchen and even hidden underground parking. The townhouses feature three stories of living areas, sea views, a pool and a garage. Anyone who purchases a villa or townhouse unit will automatically receive services also offered to guests of the Areias do Siexo hotel, including interior and exterior maintenance, laundry and cleaning services, babysitting, catering, and an online grocery service.

Guests who simply want to stay in one of the 10 guest suites at the Hotel & Spa, rather than purchase a unit, will still be able to enjoy their stay in eco-luxury. Each of the suites are placed in prime locations across the front of the hotel’s property to afford full views of the ocean. Within the hotel, guests will find the amenities afforded to homeowners, plus access to the hotel gym and luxury spa, swimming at the pool, and meals at the on-site restaurant and bar.

If you are looking to plan your next vacation to a stunningly beautiful location, Joia das Dunas offers luxury and eco-innovation throughout their facilities. Once you arrive at this seaside resort, with its views of the Atlantic Ocean, distinctive silver sand dunes and dramatic high cliffs, you may find you never want to leave!

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