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January 18, 2018 / 2:27 pm EST

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The Farm at San Benito
The Farm at San BenitoMar 13, 2013
Health and Wellness Awaits

Wouldn't it be great if you could take a relaxing trip to a private and beautiful tropical getaway, and not only return with a healthier body, mind and spirit, but also with the tools and education necessary to keep these positive changes long after you return? It's entirely possible when you stay at The Farm at San Benito, a one-of-a-kind holistic retreat located in the Philippines. Not only is the gorgeous setting at the foot of Mount Malarayat a peaceful place to stay, the luxurious resort-style accommodations make you feel as if all the cares of the everyday world are far away. An organic vegan restaurant offers “living” cuisine, custom wellness holiday packages are available, a full-service spa is located on site and a supportive medical team can design a treatment plan for health issues ranging from stress to cancer to diabetes and heart disease.

The Farm at San Benito's philosophy is based on the belief that today's diseases are both preventable and curable, and that addressing and clearing toxins, deficiencies, and congestion leads to absolute physical, mental, and spiritual health. No matter what issues you may be dealing with personally, whether it be job-related stress, spiritual or mental blocks, or the manifestation of serious diseases in the body such as cancer or heart disease, The Farm at San Benito has a program designed to address your issue, or will tailor one specifically for you. Your stay at The Farm is both relaxing and rigorous, luxurious and healing, with a schedule that is packed full of amazing experiences, beautiful landscapes, and life-changing personal journeys. The person who leaves The Farm will likely be vastly different in health and mental well-being from the one who arrived.

While the focus on personal health is the main draw for many who come to The Farm, the beautiful Philippines setting is a close second. The resort is located about 90 minutes from Manila. To reach the Farm, you must travel down a dirt road, surrounded by natural forests until you reach what was once a coconut and coffee plantation. Today, The Farm is a collection of eco-friendly villas designed in the native style of the Phillipines, but with all the luxuries and modern amenities guests would expect from a world-class resort. Guests enjoy being surrounded by lush jungle landscapes, the sweeping views toward Mount Malarayat, the domestic animals happily roaming the property, and the peaceful waters of the pools, lagoons and secluded waterfall located among the villas.

The guest villas are themselves unique and special, as each type of villa is specifically designed to capture a traditional Philippines structure. The grand Master Villa is able to accommodate six people comfortably and features a pool and terrace. The property's other villas each have their own vibe. The Palmiera suites feature 12 foot ceilings, open-air showers and a private garden. The Sulu Terraces feel like modern day tree houses and are modeled after traditional rice barns. The Anahaw Terrace Suites are a grouping of three villas, perfect for accommodating a family. All villas feature luxury tropical styling, with amenities such as WiFi, handmade bath amenities, luxury linens, private pools, eco-friendly air conditioning, or LCD televisions.

Many times when people return from a vacation, one of the things they most remember is the food. The Farm at San Benito is no exception, in fact, the food may be one of the most amazing and memorable parts of your stay here. The Farm offers what they call “living” cuisine, and most of the dishes they offer at the resort's gourmet vegan restaurant, Alive!, are made from ingredients grown in the resort's own organic garden. Each day, the ingredients are hand picked and made fresh. Instead of cooking, the restaurant's staff are specially trained in preparing foods through soaking, dehydrating, culturing or warming in order to help foods retain as much nutrition as possible. Even though foods are not “cooked,” the restaurant is able to offer a full dining experience of fresh, healthy dishes served in the screened indoor or shaded outdoor dining spaces.

The main purpose of a stay at The Farm is to help you reach your optimal health and well-being through proper nutrition, careful detoxification, clearing of negative energy, and participation in activities designed to restore and rejuvenate. Guests coming to The Farm complete a Health Questionnaire before arrival, allowing the on-site doctors to craft a program targeted toward your health needs. Specific programs range from treatment of skin ailments, to  boosting longevity, to managing diabetes, to stress reduction.

If the stresses and strains of everyday life are beginning to overwhelm you, if you are dealing with a health or medical condition that has not responded to traditional treatments, or if you are simply looking for that getaway that is peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful, then a stay at The Farm at San Benito may be the life-changing experience you have been waiting for.


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