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December 17, 2017 / 4:18 pm EST

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Nikoi Island
Nikoi IslandJan 14, 2013
Your Private Island Getaway

If you've ever wished that you could be whisked away to a private island in a moment of stress, then Nikoi Island is ready to grant your wish. Located among a dazzling blue stretch of ocean 50 miles off the coast of Singapore, this 40-acre private island is your secret getaway to relax, escape, and enjoy your surroundings...and it's eco-friendly, too!

Imagine having the good fortune to "stumble" across a majestically beautiful island tucked away in the midst of the Indian Ocean. While it may seem like the type of thing that only happens in books, this is exactly how the island came to be owned by a small group of people who were actively searching for an alternative to the less-than-ideal accommodation choices they were finding in and around Singapore. Andrew and Julia Dixon, an Australian couple who had been living in Asia for many years, were searching for a natural beach destination like the ones they remembered from their childhoods. Together with American Peter Timmer, they rented a fishing boat to see what they could find . . . and what a find they made.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the group found a small island that had been untouched by all but time. White sandy beaches, beautiful rainforest, native Banyan trees, and local birds and animals all inhabited this island. Soon, the three had invested in purchasing the island and decided to turn it into the private vacation spot they had been seeking. A simple, native feel was important to them, as was a careful regard for the environment. The construction of the island's dwellings began in 2005, and the island officially opened to the public in 2007.

Visitors to Nikoi Island will find the tropical paradise destination every bit as spectacular as their imagination. It's a two hour trip from Singapore: first you hop a ferry to Bintan, then take a taxi and a private launch to reach the island. You will stay in one of the resort's 15 "stilted" beach houses, each able to accommodate two to six people. The secluded houses are each located on their own private seafront location with views toward an island sunset over the clear ocean waters. Each house features living areas downstairs with a lounge area and a massage area called a "sala," and bedrooms featuring four-poster beds above. Beds have a necessary mosquito net and are covered in luxurious cotton bed linens.

Although island luxury is a high priority on Nikoi Island, the resort doesn't sacrifice the environment to make your stay a comfortable one. You can relax in this tropical paradise knowing that every effort has been made to preserve and protect the beautiful surroundings. In fact, the individual houses are spread across one portion of the island, leaving the remaining land to function as a wildlife sanctuary. The island is a sea turtle conservation area, with monitor lizards, komodo dragons, butterflies, and monkeys also making an appearance. Construction on the island made use of sustainable materials and local labor, and included minimal landscaping using native plants. Houses have no air conditioning, and instead rely on sea breezes and double-vaulted roofs and fans to circulate air.

To experience Nikoi Island is to spend time enjoying the simple pleasures of tropical island living. The team behind Nikoi put careful thought into the entire guest experience, from the friendly and welcoming local staff, to the simple fresh meals made using local ingredients, to the opportunity to go barefoot. There is always something to do, from simple stargazing to enjoying the modern amenities such as swimming pools, satellite tv, and an open-air cinema area. A great destination vacation for couples and families with children, the island can also be rented out as a whole to groups.

While guests relax and spend their vacation in luxurious style, they can rest easy knowing the preservation efforts of Nikoi Island are more than just "green" credentials, they are an assurance that this tropical island paradise will not be just a wishful thinking in the future, but a splendid island getaway come to life.


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