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January 18, 2018 / 2:15 pm EST

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Visit Italy’s Tenuta di Spannocchia
Visit Italy’s Tenuta di Spannocchia Nov 10, 2011
for More Than Just a Vacation

One of the most exciting things about vacationing in a foreign land is the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and to experience the lifestyle, cuisine and natural beauty of another place. Many traditional hotels and travel tours don’t let visitors really experience the country they have traveled to, but Tenuta di Spannocchia, located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, offers guests an experience they will never forget. Tenuta di Spannocchia is an agriturismos, which is the Italian word that describes a centuries-old estate that has found new life as a farm and lodging combo that offers guests delicious local foods, local history and a chance to explore the natural surroundings.  Instead of merely visiting Italy, guests of the Spannocchia will be immersed in the history, culture and natural beauty of this Tuscan gem.


Tenuta di Spannocchia is an Italian organic farm and vacation destination located 12 miles west of Siena, offering weeklong stays at the several rustic farmhouses located on the property, or nightly stays in the two bed and breakfast facilities. Guests will soon realize, however, that staying at Spannocchia is more than just a vacation. In order to become a guest, you must first become a member of the Spannochia Foundation before or at the time of placing your reservation. In addition to being a tranquil, relaxing place to stay, Spannocchia is also an organic farm situated on 1,100 acres of pasture and forest land. The Foundation is responsible for supporting and promoting conservation and sustainable farming. There is also an educational center located right on the property where visitors, guests and students can come to learn about sustainable farming and the culture and history of Tuscany.


Guests who come to stay at Spannocchia have the choice of staying for the week in one of the farmhouses or staying in the Villa or Fattoria bed and breakfast. The historic farmhouses have been updated, but an attempt was made to preserve the character of each house. Guests will be treated to hot water, necessities such as linens and eating utensils and a washing machine. However, there are no electronic devices or phones. Those who choose to stay in a room at the bed and breakfast will receive maid service and daily breakfast. Unlike a resort, guests will not have the typical modern conveniences, but once you experience all that Spannocchia has to offer, those “necessities” will likely never be missed.


Finding activities to do at Spannocchia will not be an issue. In fact, visitors may wonder how they will find the time to experience all the beauty and interesting opportunities this Tuscan getaway has to offer. Guests can learn about Tuscan history and culture at the education center, explore the property, be treated to fine wine and delicious meals, and take a short trip to the coast or to nearby towns for shopping, eating and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of Italy. In addition, there is the chance to learn about Spannocchia’s organic farm, their wildlife preserve and to sample some of their delicious seasonal offerings such as figs and prosciutto in the summer or chestnuts in the fall. Those interested in exploring a new skill can take classes at the education center on cooking, painting, history, architecture and archaeology.


In addition to providing an unforgettable vacation stay, Spannocchia is also committed to being a sustainable facility that cares about keeping both its property and its practices as green as possible. All of the vegetables, meats, wine, eggs and olive oils are produced right at Spannocchia. Organic farming is done with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The property also has a natural wastewater facility, one of the first in Tuscany, and participates extensively in recycling efforts and composting. The animals raised on the property, including Pomarancina sheep, and Monterufolino ponies, are endangered or near extinct breeds native to the land that are being given a rare chance at repopulation. The acres of forestland are carefully maintained and efforts are made to support local wildlife and cut down trees in a responsible way, even using workhorses for logging to preserve the natural landscape.


For travelers looking for the chance to experience Italy rather than merely observe it, Tenuta di Spannochia is a great choice. Whether you are a history and culture buff, a foodie, or simply someone who likes to experience the beauty and tranquility of another land, Tenuta di Spannocchia will provide you with a vacation to be remembered for years to come.

Visit to view “Paper Spannocchia,” an interactive artwork experience that will give you a feel for what it is like to visit the property through the drawings of artist Doug Olsen.

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