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December 18, 2017 / 3:25 pm EST

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Palazzo Hotel
Palazzo HotelSep 19, 2009
Palazzo Las Vegas – Sin City's Latest Un-Guilty Pleasure

When you think of the bright lights and excessive pleasures of Sin City, the largest LEED-certified building in the world is probably the last thing on your mind. Inspired by the glamour and appeal of Rodeo Drive, Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, the Palazzo Las Vegas resort, hotel, and casino is the newest Nevada oasis offering a dream getaway for eco-minded travelers.

Guarding the exterior of the Palazzo, shady palm trees and inviting topiaries decorate the grounds alongside mesmerizing water fountains. As you enter the breathtaking lobby, prepare yourself for pampering spa treatments, gourmet delights, live entertainment, and of course, the chance to return home a few dollars heavier. However, unlike the rest of the casinos lining the Vegas Strip and beyond, the Palazzo provides guests with an extraordinarily earth-friendly experience.

Comprised of nearly 2 million square feet of Irish green stone and Egyptian marble, the elaborate gold-leaf panels, sandblasted glass and hand-painted ceilings are not the only things setting the Palazzo apart from surrounding themed casinos. Simply put, the Palazzo embodies luxury and does so in the most remarkably sustainable manner. Officially opening to the public on January 17, 2008, Las Vegas was introduced to a $1.8 billion resort that supports a great number of both noticeable and hidden eco-features. From the construction of more than 3,000 all-suite rooms to exceptional water conservation to clean air control, the Palazzo Las Vegas succeeds in providing a safe haven for guests, residents, and workers – inside and out.

Greener Guest Accommodations

Upon entering the luxurious suites of the Palazzo Las Vegas, each room is outfitted with energy-saving features, such as sensors that adjust the temperature according to guest occupancy. To reduce indoor air pollution, your setting in paradise utilizes environmentally friendly paints, adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Furthermore, the Palazzo has achieved their commitment to commercial sustainability without compromising the luxury and function of their rooms and other features.

Acknowledging the fact that "everything in Vegas is huge and over the top," hotel guest Julia Slatcher, of Los Angeles, most enjoyed the spacious rooms of the Palazzo. "Somehow, the Palazzo was classier and less smoky [and cheesy] than the other places." Unaware of the LEED certification of the Palazzo, Slatcher commented, "[High earth-friendly standards] raises my opinion greatly. I must admit I did not notice, but I will be sure to talk about these features now that I know about them."

Natural Light and Energy

Effectively harnessing solar energy and natural sunlight, the Palazzo uses the desert climate of Las Vegas to its advantage. For example, an impressive solar heating system keeps all swimming pools toasty, thanks to the power of Mother Nature. During the summertime, excess solar heat is redirected to assist the hot water system. Electricity is also created from solar panels located on the pool deck and parking garage.

Water Conservation

The Palazzo Las Vegas is also in tune with conserving water, including the installation of showerheads and high efficiency toilets that cause the interior plumbing fixtures of the Palazzo to use 37% less water than its fellow gaming establishments. Stepping outside the Palazzo, bask in the ambiance of cascading fountains, engaging terraces, and other landscaping joys, where 42% of the property's footprint is found. The air conditioning system in public areas also employs cutting-edge cooling technology that saves more than 10 million gallons of water each year.

Green Rewards

Preferred parking rewards guests that carpool and drive electric or fuel-efficient transportation to the Palazzo with 5% of total parking spaces devoted to eco-minded individuals. Guests and employees who bike to the resort also enjoy preferential treatment with Valet Bicycle Parking.

A Sustainable Dining Experience

Thanks to celebrity chef Mario Batali and winemaker Joe Bastianich, the Palazzo's green initiative continues to expand with Carnevino's recent Green Restaurant Association certification. To mark the occasion, the Palazzo Waterfall Atrium transformed into a fresh produce explosion, inviting local growers to create a tantalizing Farmer's Market filled with sustainable herbs, honey, eggs, and biodynamic wines. The event titled, "Bet on the Farm: Sustainable Food and Wine" celebrated Carnevino becoming one of the first restaurants on the Vegas strip to gain an official GRA certification.

In conclusion, whether you choose to explore the two-level, 450,000-sq-ft shopping mall providing access to 80 exclusive retail stores and boutiques (like Barneys New York), wine and dine with Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagassi creations, or dance until 5am at the Lavo Nightclub, take care in knowing that the Palazzo Las Vegas is an environmentally conscious, energy-efficient, healthy place to work and play.

By Yona Williams




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