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December 17, 2017 / 4:30 pm EST

Eco Hotels and Resorts

Club Peace & Plenty
Club Peace & PlentyMar 22, 2016
Relaxed Luxury in the Bahamas

When you envision The Bahamas, the first thing you probably think of is relaxed luxury. Club Peace and Plenty, located in the archipelago known as Great Exuma, encapsulates the laid-back, rural living style that The Bahamian Out Islands have become known for. But while normally this kind of lifestyle comes with an environmental toll; at Club Peace and Plenty luxury is attained without wastefulness.

In January of 1958, Lawrence Lewis opened a 24-room hotel in the previously untouched island of Exuma, a large chunk of what is now known as the Great Exuma region. Parts of the building date back to cotton plantation days, when British loyalists discovered The Bahamas. Through the years, Club Peace and Plenty has been remodeled and re-managed into the current 32-room resort that boasts fantastic ocean views from all rooms.  A top-notch restaurant that features locally-sourced, first-class cuisine, and live music nightly is steps away.  A water-taxi to Stocking Island is also about 5 minutes, walking, from the resort. In addition, open-air markets and local vendors cater to your every tourist need. The resort, in the news recently for housing Johnny Depp as he accepted his Golden Globe during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean II, made a name for itself in other noteworthy ways as well.

Club Peace and Plenty, one of only a handful of “eco-tourism” centered resorts in The Bahamas, strives to bring the importance of eco-awareness to the forefront of everything they do. Through their promise to maintain sustainability standards, the resort has implemented multiple sustainable techniques; a linen and recycled paper reuse program, the use of ecologically-mindful cleaning products, a waste water system including waterless urinals, a rain water circulation system, and recycling bins throughout the grounds are all factors that establish Club Peace and Plenty as a valued member of Green America. Photo-voltaic (solar powered) electricity has also been utilized to run the pump for the bathrooms as well as heat the resort and swimming pool since the 1970’s.

A variety of local cuisine appears every night on the menu. Some speciality dishes unique to the Great Exuma region include items such as: fresh-caught mahi-mahi, spiny lobster, steaming johnnycake, red snapper, conch fritters, tuna and grits, pan-fried grouper, and an array of Caribbean-inspired drinks at the pool bar.  Thursday nights also include a bonfire, seafood barbecue roast, and buffet for all the guests.

Staff at Club Peace and Plenty also educate their guests by providing information about walking tours of George Town; in addition, two cocktail parties a week, that incorporate local goods and vendors along with live music and local cuisine, serve to immerse tourists in the Exumian culture.

Club Peace and Plenty asks guests to buy carbon credits on the resort website to offset the carbon production of travel, as well as prioritizing a guest rebate program for any guest contributing to the Exuma Foundation.  Guests at Club Peace and Plenty are strongly encouraged to donate money to the Exuma Foundation, a local 501(c)3 charity that enables Exumian locals to get accustomed to living better lives.

The resort works diligently with the island residents to maintain sustainable and culture-infused practices. Although Club Peace and Plenty is located in what is known as one of the most remote sections of The Bahamas, it holds strong to customs and eco-awareness.

By: Julia Mellett


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