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December 17, 2017 / 4:33 pm EST

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Waianuhea Bed & Breakfast
Waianuhea Bed & Breakfast Oct 27, 2011
An Off-the-grid Luxury Wonder

A vacation to Hawaii may well be the trip of a lifetime, so why dull the experience by staying in a typical hotel? One alternative to the traditional hotel room that combines luxury, eco-consciousness and all the modern amenities you’d expect to find is the Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast, located in Ahualoa on the big island of Hawaii. You leave the town of Honokaa on Highway 19 on a quiet road that climbs into the forest above the town and emerge on a picturesque grassy hilltop where the Bed & Breakfast sits among a pond, rolling fields, and spectacular views. The peaceful setting, beautifully renovated building and friendly hosts, Carol Salisbury and Reed Santos, might be enough to entice you to this one-of-a-kind vacation spot. However, the additional fact that the Waianuhea offers every modern amenity while also being off the grid may be the final deciding factor.


The first thing many guests notice, after the beautiful scenery, is that the main structure features a photovoltaic solar electric system. This system provides all the power for the Waianuhea. It’s part of the owners’ commitment to sustainability, and it’s not the only way the B&B makes use of its natural surroundings. The water used at Waianuhea is rainwater that is caught on the rooftop and sent to a storage container, where it is then filtered and UV sterilized. The owners also make an effort to use local and sustainable food and supplies whenever possible. They provide fresh local foods and produce from their own gardens using their own compost as fertilizer. Guests are also treated with locally made soaps. Sometimes eco-friendliness is in the little touches. For instance, Waianuhea offers cell phones in each guest room, so that unsightly telephone lines do not mar the views of nearby Mount Mauna Kea and the Pacific Ocean. Guests are allowed 30 minutes free use per day during their stay, which includes long distance calls.


Despite the peaceful, out-of-the-way location, Waianuhea offers guests complete luxury and the latest technology during their stay. Guests choose from five rooms, each named with traditional Hawaiian words. Accommodations feature satellite internet access and TV programming, DVD and CD players with access to a DVD library, a flat panel LCD TV and the in-room cell phone. As to be expected at a Bed & Breakfast, the offering of local food is both delicious and healthy, with a gourmet breakfast available in the dining area or in your room, and dinner featuring a three- or four-course meal. There is also a daily wine hour featuring carefully selected wines, which gives guests a chance to relax and chat with each other. A 24-hour outdoor Jacuzzi offers guests a relaxing hot soak anytime, whether you want to wake up with the sun or stargaze at the beautiful Hawaiian night sky. Active guests will enjoy the seven acres of grounds, which include a lily pond and fruit tree orchard, perfect for exploring.


Waianuhea means “fragrant mountain mist” in Hawaiian, and guests will be able to fully relax and appreciate the beautiful surroundings at this eco-friendly Bed & Breakfast, which has been awarded a 3 Eco-Leaf rating by  If you’ve come to Hawaii looking for natural beauty, good food and a welcoming atmosphere, the Waianuhea offers all of these. Consider travelling to this luxurious, colorful setting that was designed to make the most of local natural resources while providing the comfort and modern amenities today’s travelers seek.

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