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January 18, 2018 / 2:41 pm EST

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Lake Tahoe’s 968 Park Spa Resort
Lake Tahoe’s 968 Park Spa ResortAug 21, 2011
A Lesson in Green Renovation

Visitors come to Lake Tahoe to enjoy clean mountain air, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities.  Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, coupled with interesting places to visit, make Lake Tahoe a popular travel destination. Now, guests can experience all Lake Tahoe has to offer and stay at one of the area’s greenest lodging spots. Those that choose to stay at the renovated 968 Park Spa Resort will love its rustic, upscale appeal and unwavering commitment to a green philosophy. The 968 proves that modern comfort can go hand in hand with green sensibility.

 The 968 Park Spa Resort comes from humble beginnings. It was once a 1970’s era Days Inn Motel until Solomon Aflalo, his brother David, and five silent partners purchased the property at auction on the El Dorado county courthouse steps in 2007. From there, an astonishing transformation began. The old structure was torn to the studs. In many cases, this means that all the materials are hauled away as trash, or possibly donated. But G8 Partners, the Aflalo brothers’ company, in cooperation with some eco-consultants and Sierra Sustainable Builders, had a different vision. In short: nothing would be sent to a landfill.

 The renovation process of The 968 Park Spa Resort was carefully planned and took one year to complete. Each piece from the old motel was reused, re-purposed, or donated locally. Specifically:

-  The existing wood was reused for building, decorative trim, or furniture.

- Unneeded materials were recycled or donated.

- Materials including granite and old mirrors were redesigned and included in the new decorative scheme.

- Materials brought in were carefully chosen and include non-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint, sustainable carpet, eco-friendly wallpaper, and recycled blue jean material as insulation.

The commitment to a complete eco-conscious hotel didn’t stop with the renovation process. Every choice made for the operation, management, and maintenance of the hotel and grounds considers sustainability and environmental stewardship first and foremost.

 - The hotel meets sustainable sites criteria through its erosion control methods and native vegetation. There is also a reduced need for transportation as the hotel is located less then 100 yards from the Heavenly Ski gondola, South Tahoe Casinos, Lake Tahoe itself and local transportation to other venues.

- The 968 Park Spa Resort is highly water efficient. The hotel features dual flush toilets, low flow showers and faucets, organic detergents and soaps, and planting designed to eliminate the need for sprinklers.

- The hotel was designed to be highly energy efficient. The energy efficient features include tankless water heaters, motion detection lighting, a cooling system of fans, blinds, and open windows in place of air conditioning, zero emission fireplaces and energy efficient windows.

The eco-minded features mentioned here just skim the surface of this lesson in green renovation. A visit to The 968 Park Spa Resort would be the best way to experience what truly “green” lodging feels like. And the biggest surprise is how luxurious your stay will be. The same care, thought and planning that went into making the 968 the most environmentally minded hotel possible also make it a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience for discerning travelers. The next time you visit beautiful Lake Tahoe, you can take comfort in knowing you are staying in a hotel that cares as much about preserving and sustaining the beauty of nature as you do. 

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