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December 18, 2017 / 3:25 pm EST

Eco Hotels and Resorts

NYLO Hotels
NYLO Hotels Feb 12, 2010
A Clean, Green Lodging Experience

Making waves in the hotel industry, the lodging options found under the umbrella of NYLO rely on renewable energy and other eco-friendly features to provide a hotel stay that easily pleases Mother Nature. What makes the brand especially inviting is their commitment to provide a unique experience – complete with their own signature bed and amenities that push the envelope of luxury, style, class, and function.  

Eco-Friendly Features

Wind power renewable energy credits (REC's) play an important role in the green business practices of NYLO hotels. Wind power satisfies about half of the energy needs of NYLO Plano at Legacy and 100% for their establishment in Providence/Warwick. Inside out, the hotel brand embraces policies that keep the environment in mind, such as using energy-efficient building materials – including bricks and concrete to decrease the need for electricity to heating and cooling buildings.

Whenever applicable, recycled building materials aid in the construction or renovation of NYLO hotels. For instance, the driveway at the NYLO Providence/Warwick hotel is comprised of cobblestones recycled from the Old Holyoke, railroad station in Massachusetts – breathing new life into 70-year old materials.

The Loft restaurants at the hotels not only serve up delicious cuisine, but also follow in line with NYLO's eco-friendly policies. A water purification system is in place, where all bottles are sterilized and reused. Biodegradable to-go containers, coffee cups, straws, napkins, and utensils are used at the Loft restaurants. The eatery also uses products made out of corn.

Other eco-friendly hotel features include:

* Recycled paper used in folio binders and desk pads.

* Bath goodies packaged in recycled bottles.

* Chemical-free toiletries.

* Energy-efficient stand-alone heating and air-conditioning units in guest lofts.

* A recycling program focused on cardboard and bottles.

* Energy-efficient light bulbs.

The Perks and Amenities

NYLO hotels not only stand by a commitment to respect the planet, but also make guests feel at home with people-friendly amenities. Suffer from allergies? Request a guestroom situated on the floor devoted to providing relief to travelers with odor sensitivities, respiratory illnesses, asthmas, and allergies. A NYLO Pure Room undergoes a quarterly certified purification treatment. The rooms also feature hypoallergenic bedding and a medical grade air purifier.

Your sleeping experience at a NYLO hotel begins and ends with the NYLO NITE – a bed that combines the hotel's input with Simmons' craftsmanship. Triple sheeting and a high thread count add to the comfort and durability of your sleeping arrangements. Travelers also enjoy complimentary perks, such as bottled water in guestrooms, wireless Internet throughout the entire hotel, fax and copying services, and shuttle service to local shopping, dining, entertainment and the airport.

NYLO Hotels

Dallas/Las Colinas 

1001 W Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas
Phone: (972) 373-8900

Plano at Legacy 

8201 Preston Rd
Plano, Texas
Phone: (972) 624-6990


400 Knight Street
Providence, Rhode Island
Phone: (401) 734-4460 






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