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December 16, 2017 / 9:27 pm EST

Eco Hotels and Resorts

Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort
Tiger Islands Village & Eco ResortFeb 24, 2010
Simplistic Luxury

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Java Sea lies a pure and pristine eco sanctuary known as Tiger Islands – a sustainable paradise where relaxation and adventure create the ultimate vacation.  With a secluded tropical location off the Indonesian coast, as well as a vast selection of land and water activities, this eco resort is the ideal destination for romance, family adventure, or corporate getaways. 

Sustainable Management

While transportation to and from Tiger Islands Resort requires the use of fossil fuel, everything else about the eco isles is completely sustainable.  Energy efficient appliances and lighting systems are operated by off-grid wind and solar power, while extensive recycling and composting programs eliminate a large percentage of the resort’s waste.

Local islanders make up the Tiger Islands’ staff, ecologically-conscience fishermen supply fresh seafood to the resort, and area craftsmen work with management to furnish and maintain the property.  TIVER (Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort) strives to use locally sourced products and materials, including driftwood along the beaches and rescued hardwood from retired watercraft.

A small, organic garden is positioned in the center of one island, producing papayas, tomatoes, and a variety of herbs.  Rainwater is processed through a sand and coal filtration system to provide quality tap water, which is then filtered to irrigate the islands’ gardens and plants.

Tropical Indulgence

Tiger Islands Village and Eco Resort prides itself in being the first eco-friendly destination in the Pulau Seribu islands and offers an assortment of programs designed to teach the importance of environmental protection and sustainable living.  These eco conscience values only enhance the luxury paradise TIVER guests enjoy. 

Whether staying in a tropical bungalow suite, an island cabin, or a waterfront tent, all TIVER accommodations include full access to the resort’s amenities. 

      *  Take in the beauty beneath the sea while snorkeling near the islands’ protected coral reefs;

      *  Relax in the tranquil waters with inflatable mattresses and boats;

      *  Enjoy windsurfing and canoeing;

      *  Soak up the sun in a soothing hammock;

      *  Play miniature golf, badminton, or a unique game of ‘macan tennis’.

Guests also enjoy buffet style meals in the island Clubhouse, prepared by the resort’s personal chef known as Mama Bagus, including an exquisite selection of native and international dishes.

Plan Your Eco Island Getaway

From a tropical weekend in paradise to an extended stay for group gatherings, Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort has a tailored vacation package to suit your needs.  All-inclusive rates (not including transportation to and from the islands) range from about $85 to $120 per person. 

For more information or to make reservations, visit the Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort website.

By Danielle Bullard


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